Tuesday, September 11, 2001

My 911

We picked up some scrap iron at the pivot of Circle 34. They moved the pivot and renewed the engine/pump. We loaded up the heavy parts (cooling pipe and stuff) with the Ford onto the dump truck (Chevrolet) and headed to the corrals to pick up something I can't remember. On my way back to the shop (in the Ford) I heard Linny saying on the radio: "An airplane crashed into the Wolrd Trade Center... the tower is on fire". The WTC - I couldn't believe what I just heard. Back in the shop I asked Tom if I heard right. "Yes - I don't know what happened," he answered. After screwing off a valve of the old cooling pipe (I think I broke the sleeve because it was too tight)  we went to drink some coffee (and a cinnamon roll, off course ;-) ). Sieto's wife Misty was there as well and you could see the shock in her face. She wiped away a few tears from her eyes. Till yet I thought of an accident. A small plane that crashed into a floor of the WTC or something. Now I got it - they talked about an airliner. About an attack! Not an accident! The first tower already collapsed... couldn't think of anythnhg else anymore. What a black Tuesday...

Adriaan and I picked up new nozzles for the sprinkler on 34 at Sieto's barn. As far as I remember I disassembled the big barndoor that was lying in the back. The wind caught it and tore it apart. I removed all the wooden braces.

Tricone Bit