Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Schumacher Era Ending

I wouldn't call myself a fan of Michael Schumacher but as a Formula 1 fan, I enjoyed watching others trying to beat him. He was the man to defeat for more than a decade! And there was only one man who was able to "play in his league". Ayrton Senna.

Unfortunately, Senna died in 1994 - the first year both of them had a car to win with. When Schumacher got the chance to drive in Belgium 1991, I was not able to watch the races because I had no satellite dish to receive the private channel that had the F1 rights. I was in the shower listening to the radio on Friday whne I heard that Michael Schumacher will replace Bertrand Gachot who was jailed for 6 months for an incident with a London taxi driver. I thought I didn't hear right! Schumacher? The only "F1-ready" german that I had in mind was Bernd Schneider!
From his first qualifying on his star shone bright in the Formula 1 world! His speed was just amazing everybody.

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