Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nissan Micra

Found this one on ebay.

Nissan Micra 1Nissan Micra 2Nissan Micra 3

I didn't bid for it but I asked the seller a few questions. The car was not sold because the highest bidder didn't meet the reserve. A few days later the seller contacted me again (he had my email address from the questions I asked before) and after seeing the car I decided to get it for 2250 €. It seems a lot for a 8 year old car with 83000 miles on it - but it looked OK. In a few months I will know how good or bad this deal really was.
He's a "private dealer" from Loughrea who sells a few cars every now and then. He traded the Micra in for a Toyota Yaris he sold to an elderly man. He's a big fan of Japanese cars.
He didn't wanna deliver the car so I had to get to Loughrea the next day. It was my fisrt experience as a hitch hiker! It was kinda embarrassing but after walking a mile or so a nice guy stopped and gave me a lift. I called Henry (the seller) and he picked me up. Finally I had no more worrying nights about my "car problem"!
And it seems this Nissan is a fine lil car. It even has a remote control central lock system!

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