Friday, January 5, 2007

An Post - Overcharging!

I'm from Germany and find many things here in Ireland exceptionally dear. But An Post in Gort is thight-fisted and I have the feeling they are even OVERCHARGING! My sister sells a lot of stuff on ebay so they know her very well in the post office. They do NOT even check the size of the envelope even if it appears to be slightly over the limit (not a small envelope anymore but a large one). It has been like this from day one not just because she's such a good customer. She recently sent a large envelope that was 10 or 15 gram over the limit but they STILL sent it just mentioning that it might not get through if they weigh it again at another point. She risked that and it was just fine.

Here in Gort it is a different story! After falsely being charged for a large envelope I made sure they do not do that again next time. They seem to be bothered if you ask them what makes it a large envelope rather than a small one. She took the envelope and went to a gauge or whatever and came back telling me (looking a little bit annoyed again) that it is at the limit.
FIRST: AT the limit is still WITHIN tolerance so DO NOT give me that look!
SECOND: If you already charge SO MUCH than it wouldn't hurt being more customer friendly!

But what REALLY freaks me out is this: I am pretty sure now that their scale is not correct! First I thought that our kitchen scale is probably not so accurate. But when a package weighed 255 gram instead of 230 gram (with our scale) I left and went to the post office in Ardrahan (on my way to work anyway). They don't have a fancy digital scale but that doesn't mean it's less accurate. And the pointer was clearly under 250 gram (probably in the 230 gram area). It cost me 3.35 € instead of 4.70 € which is 40% difference!

Here thew difference in postal rates:
Germany (to Ireland):
Packet up to 2 kg: 8.60 €
Parcel up to 5 kg: 17 €
Parcel up to 10 kg: 22 €
Parcel up to 20 kg: 32 €

Now Ireland (to Germany):
Packet up to 2 kg: 10.40 € (+ 20%)
Parcel up to 5 kg: 53 € (+ 211%)
Above 5 kg: Each Additional kg (max 20kg) 3 €
Parcel up to 10 kg: 53+(5*3) = 68 € (+209%)
Parcel up to 20 kg: 53+(15*3) = 98 € (+206%)

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  1. I have spoken to the Postmistress in Gort about your complaint. She informed me that

    1. The two electronic scales in the office were calibrated very recently. I am confident based on this that the scales would be more accurate than a kitchen scales. However, based on what subsequently happened in Ardrahan I will request another check of the scales in Gort PO.

    2. In terms of the customer service aspect of your complaint the Post Mistress did admit that due to pressure in the lead up to the last time of posting of 3.30pm each day that sometimes the benefit of the doubt may have been given to customers in respect of the measurement of envelopes. I have asked the Post Mistress that, in future, when there is doubt with regard to the measurement of envelopes, the correct procedures must be followed by her and her staff with all customers. Otherwise the integrity of our pricing structures for the postage of items may be called in to question by customer such as you have done.

    3. With regard to the second point you make; the lower cost from Germany to Ireland is because of the lower postal charges in Ireland. The largest single cost aspect for outbound international mail is the cost of delivery in the receiving country.

    German domestic postal charges are higher than those in Ireland therefore it is more expensive to post from Ireland to Germany than the other way around.

    If you have any further difficulties please let me know.


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