Sunday, April 29, 2007

Future: Less technology!

I love technology and I'm very excited about new innovations and ideas. But I'm also a pretty down to earth and logical thinking guy. So I think you can forget about life in the future will be anywhere close to what you've seen in those science fiction movies. One thing will never change: How future generations think about the past. Unfortunately we don't give our descendants much reason to be proud of what we did to "mother earth" in the past century! Look at this planet - don't you think that there's a very destructive species on earth? It's US - we are the earth's cancer. Cancerous is the best way to describe us for what we do to the nature. And the funny or rather sad thing is: We don't see that we spend most of the time doing things we DON'T like to get excited or enjoy doing things that hurts the nature.
So I think slowly but surely we will cut down on materialistic/luxurious things and start appreciating our "mother earth" more. You won't treat your mother (MOTHER not mother-in-law ) the way you treat the earth!

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