Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Can't believe it happened to me! >:(
I was just about to pump some gas when a guy called "Mate" (I think). Almost sounded as if he said "Michael"! Anyway - he was still out there on the main road. I thought he wanted to ask for the way so I turned and walked towards him.
But before I could ask him he turned into the gas station. There were 3 young guys in the car. The one on the passenger seat started asked me if I was interested in buying a brand new Laptop. "Just take a look at it. If you're not interested, you don't have to take it. That's fine". He said he just bought it at Curry's using his credit card. "But honestly, I'm not gonna pay for it. I just wanna sell it quick to go to the pub. I go back to England tomorrow." Blablabla...

So it was a Toshiba Laptop with a Dual Core 1.7 GHz Processor and a 80 GB Harddrive. He said it's a 100 GB but whatever. Windows Vista so it was new. Nothing was installed.
I wasn't interested really. He said he wants about half of what it sells for (1000 €he said) so he started with 450€. I said no - I will have a hard time selling it on ebay. I asked him why he doesn't sell it on ebay. He said he wants quick money and he doesn't know how to do all that anyway.
So he said 400 €. I still said I don't want it because I sold Laptops on ebay before and it can be a pain in the ass t oget rid of it. I said 350€ otherwise I'm not interested. Then the driver reached over and said "Give me your hand". He shook my hand and said "375". I pulled my hand out of the car and walked away. Then the guy with the Laptop yelled something like "OK! Come back!". So I pumped gas and we went to Centra where I got the money. When I came out of the shop the car wasn't on the other side of the road where they parked behind mine. I crossed the road when I heard one of them calling me. They pulled into a side road. The garda and some army guys were right there escorting the Securicor van who picked up the cash from The Bank Of Ireland. Probably made them a lil bit nervous.
So he wanted me to see the Laptop again. Showed me everything and then we were ready to make the deal. But then the driver shouted again "375". I turned away again. I walked a few steps and the other guy wanted me to come back again. He agreed with my 350 offer and furiously yelled at the guy "You shut the fuck up now". I grabbed the handle of the Laptop bag and gave him the money. They drove off and went the Ennis direction.
I put the bag i nmy car and went shopping at Aldi as I originally planned.
I forgot to lock my car so I wanted to get out there as quick as possible. I thought "What if they come back and steal it?".
I was all excited when I came home. I told Ati about the deal. I put the bag i nthe wardrobe so that my lil daughter can't trouble it. While I was searching for the email address of the man who bought my old 2 Laptops I heard Ati saying "It's 2 water bottles!" I was devastated! I COULDN@T BELIEVE IT!
They were pro's! When he said "375" he expected me to turn away so that they can swap the bags!
Because he mentioned going back to England I took a look at the license plate. It was irish. I think it was 94 (pretty sure about the 94) then maybe C and for some reason I think there was a 64 in it. The car was a 1994 (from the license plate) burgundy Toyota or Nissan. It was probably a Toyota Carina.
Shit happens!

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