Friday, November 16, 2007

Fendt TriSix - 3 Axles 540 HP

Superlative intelligent Technology

With the concept study TRISIX Vario, Fendt presents a high-performance vehicle at the Agritechnica 2007. The concept unites the advantages of track tractors with those of high performance wheel tractors, without incorporating each of their disadvantages. Three axles mean a higher transfer of power and significantly better traction compared to conventional wheeled designs, while its outer width allows unrestricted use on the road.

The new dimension in power transfer Since it is driven with three axles or, respectively, six individual wheels, it is suitable for a wide range of applications independent of the prevailing ground conditions. Stability against sliding sideways on slopes is better than in standard tractors, even in poor ground conditions, in which track vehicles would hit their limits. Furthermore, the tyre contract area is higher than in standard or classic articulated tractors. To optimise traction and reduce soil compaction, Fendt plans a tyre pressure control system for this design concept. The X5-cab with the Variocentre operating concept provides exceptional ride and operating comfort. The independent wheel suspension on all six wheels and the smooth driving performance, resulting from three axles, provides never-before-seen ride comfort. The motorway-capable TRISIX Vario offers maximum driving safety. Stable straight-ahead driving and better tracking in curves are guaranteed at any speed. Maximum transport capacity The high-performance braking system, together with the optional ABS, permits transport speeds above 60 km/h. In combination with the high payloads that are possible and the overall concept of the vehicle, the highest transport capacities can be achieved. A third top mounting area behind the cab offers additional options for mounting ballast weights, transport containers or articulated trailers. Technical specifications Maximum 540 hp (400 kW) and two Vario transmissions deliver the performance that can be expected from the dimensions of the TRISIX. With an overall length of 7.61 metres and a width of 2.75 metres, new dimensions come true.

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