Saturday, February 23, 2008

Canada - here we come!


Thursday night - my last night at Caragh, my last night in IRELAND! I planned to work the whole day (finishing at 1 am) but then I got a call from Ati saying that Milly is still not eating anything and constipation giving her a hard time as well. She's been like that the whole week probably sensing that we're up to something.

So I said farewell to everybody and went home. That last day I finally sold my lil Nissan Micra to a polish guy (Marek?) for a 1000 €uro. He started with 50 € bills and the bills became smaller and smaller and the rest he gave me in coins. He got a good deal and I was kinda happy that I got rid of it as well. I picked up an Avis rental car (Opel Safira) for 75 € a day at the Galway airport before work and left my Nissan at the gas station opposite the airport. Marek and I picked it up later.

I got home at 8 or 9 pm and finished packing. I thought 6 suitcases would be plenty but I ended up leaving some items, like the Fendt 930 Vario toy tractor mys sister sent us and the laminator, behind. As usual we left in a hurry and fortunately I didn't leave anything important in the house. Well - I forgot the bag with the food Ati prepared but we didn't starve.

Around 1:30 am we left Gort heading for Dublin airport. Arriving on time, I just had to find a gas station (to avoid any surcharges!) and, of course, the Avis place! All done I found my way back to the entrance and we were all set to leave this island!

The day before we left, Ati checked the British Airways website and found out that the airport has a huge problem with the luggage system at terminal 4 (OURS!) and that we can't bring any checked bags with us if we still wanna fly or rebook for a later flight (AND WHEN IS THAT?!?). Great! Whatever! Checking the airport's website, they had a news update saying that everything's fine again. BA didn't update their website, of course. Well, keep us in the dark - I still thought BA is a good airline (isn't it like the "British Lufthansa"?). So we we're relieved and thought everything's gonna be alright when even BA finally updated their website.

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