Saturday, June 28, 2008

At the Dentist


First time at the dentist after 5 years! I had a lose filling in one of my molars so I had to go eventually. The timing wasn't bad because I just got my health insurance from the company (got it after 3 working for 3 months). So I have to just pay 20% with a limit of $1000 a year.
I went to the practice of Dr. Shwetlana Vohra ( which is just around the corner here in Aldergrove.

First appointment, June 25th 2008: Complete Exam, X-Rays (9 films), Scaling (2 units), Prophy, Typical Flouride = $48.16 ($240.8 without insurance) + $25 (once a year fee for whatever).

Second appoinment, June 26th 2008: Perm. Ant. A/Etch/Bond3Suf :twisted: , Perm. Bicus. Acid Etch/B4, Perm. Molar Acid Etch 3Sur, Gingivectomy U Sextant :-o = $136.62 (683.1 without insurance)

The freezing (local anesthetic) was not bad at all! She wiggled my lip while she gave me the shot so I didn't really feel anything! She couldn't wiggle the pallette so she said this is going to hurt. But it was not bad either. Good JOB!

Third appoinment, July 5th 2008: Prm. Bicus. Acdetch/Bond1, Perm. Molar Acid Etch 2Sur  = $58.17 ($290.85 without insurance)

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