Friday, December 5, 2008

My first (real) toolbox!

So I bought the Mastercraft toolbox from Canadian Tire. It was on sale for $215 instead of $400.

I asembled it on Saturday at work (yes, I work on Saturday! We have to make up the days we lose over Xmas). Eventhough we left the cardboard box at the store to make it fit into my car, I didn't notice that it's damaged! So when I first saw the dents the next day at work, it didn't really bother me. But on Monday I figured that it's actually bent pretty bad! I had to put a couple of washer underneath one wheel to even them out. Even that didn't bother me too much. But then I realized, that the drawer don't close smoothly and when I looked at it more carefully, I saw that it's all crooked.
So I decided to go back to Abbotsford and get a new box. But well, they had none in stock! The girl (actually the same one that helped me pushing it into my car) told me that I am the second one that returned it for the same reason. I asked if they have one in Langley and she said they have 10 there. So I went to Langley, made sure I get a good one this time and drove back to my workplace. MAN! But at least I have a decent toolbox now.


* Blue, ball-bearing cabinet
* Ball-bearing drawer slides
* Lockable
* Lifetime warranty

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