Wednesday, December 30, 2009 instead of Mozy

I forgot to update my credit card information so I received an email from Mozy that the payment failed. First thing I did was updating the information. But then I also got an email from icloud which I checked out and signed up for a few weeks ago. They offer 100GB for $39.99. So I googled what else is out there and found They use's S3 Web Service so the data should be save (at least as long as they can pay the amazon bill!). I'm waiting for the Google Cloud service (starting with the Chrome OS?) so unless Google acquires I will have to "move" again in a few months.
What I never really liked about Mozy was that they don't let you choose how you want it to synchronize your data and how it slowed down my computer. Especially with 3 User profiles and it ran on all 3 of them!'s Sync software gives you the option to choose what direction you want to synchronize.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Upgraded TomTom

So I upgraded my TomTom One 3rd Edition with a new(er) Navcore (8.412.1236) and new(er) North America map (825.2159). Took a while because after trying a wrong Navcore I started from scratch: Formated (FAT32) TomTom, uploaded Navcore and uploaded the map. Then it all worked! I hope so anyway... or maybe this is the last post! LOST FOR GOOD! 8-O

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tivo hard drive installed!

Wow now that was a huge surprise and a biiig relief! I got my new hard drive today. I was afraid that I couldn't get it to work (Tivo works with Linux so you can mess it up easily!) but it was no problem at all with WinMFS (9.3 Beta) and my external USB box! My PC doesn't have an IDE slot but my old USB box does so I tried it and it worked like a charm! All I needed was a Torx (Tork) 10 and 15 screwdriver and in about 10 minutes it was all done!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tivo hard drive upgrade

Bought a Western Digital Caviar Blue WD1600AAJB 160GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA100 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive hard drive for my Tivo. $67.19 (free shipping and tax included) on

Western Digital return policy (I'm worried that I need this information soon):

Warranty Services
Packaging and Shipping Instructions

Returning your In-Warranty Western Digital hard drive for Warranty replacement:
A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is required for every return shipment to WD. The applied Return Material Authorization number on the shipment must match the correct amount of units, model type and serial numbers.

Use Western Digital approved packaging.
Write your Return Material Authorization number on the outside of the box in bold letters.
Use a traceable carrier that can provide a proof of delivery. (Keep these for your records.)
Return Material Authorization numbers are valid for 30 days, from the date they are, issued.
Remove and keep third party cases1, cables, brackets2, manuals, and diskettes. We cannot return these items to you.
1 A third party case/enclosure, is a non Western Digital external drive enclosure
2 Double-check and remove any mounting dongles/adapters attached to laptop drives (2.5 Scorpio drives).
WARNING: WD maintains serial number tracking. Any drive discovered to be stolen will not have the warranty honored, will not be returned to user and no credit or replacement will be processed or issued.

A. Product was damaged during transport as a result of bad packaging
B. Product damaged, modified, scratched, or opened
C. Product has one or more WD labels removed or torn
D. Product was shipped without proper ESD protection (except external drives)
RMA Status: Once you have shipped us your drive, and for more information about your RMA you may check your RMA status online. You can also contact the Western Digital RMA Department or visit us online.
Packaging and Shipping Instructions.
Western Digital shall have no liability with respect to (a) data lost, regardless of the cause, (b) data recovery services, or (c) data contained in any Product placed in Western Digitals' possession. Western Digital is not liable for and has no obligation to pay for any cost associated with data recovery.

Please read the following shipping instructions carefully.
Product that arrives damaged in shipment, without an RMA number or without appropriate warranty information, will be, returned to the sender non-repaired. Products, damaged through neglect due to improper packaging or in shipment, will have the warranty voided and will be processed and returned to you non-repaired. Note: An example of improper packaging would be sending a product back in an envelope. Click here for additional examples of products Improperly packaged.

Only products and quantities authorized through the Return Material Authorization process will be accepted.
If your RMA packing list is in error, ie. Wrong product description, wrong model number, wrong capacity please contact Western Digital Customer Support prior to shipment. Please call 1-800-ASK 4 WDC (275-4932).

Home Entertainment: WD TV Dock:
Product Returns must include specific items, for warranty replacement. Click here for details of the items that must be returned.

External Western Digital Enclosures:
Do not remove the drive from the external enclosure. Return the drive in its original enclosure/plastic housing (without having been opened or dismantled, along with the power adapter). Please keep all software, manuals and interface cables. WARNING: Removing the hard drive from, a Western Digital single unit external enclosure, will void the warranty.

Internal Hard drives:
Remove and retain all add-on items (i.e., cables, software, adapters, dongles brackets, installation guides and/or rails) prior to shipment. We are not responsible for these items and cannot return them. We will only return the Western Digital items specified on the RMA. WARNING: Do Not remove the Ice Pack /Sled/Heat Sink attached to the VelociRaptor hard drive(s). If the drive is removed from the Ice Pack the warranty on the drive will be voided. (Only VelociRaptor blade models WD1500BLFS and WD3000BLFS are exempt.)

Not following these Packaging Shipping procedures to return Western Digital products may void your warranty. Click here to review the WD official warranty policy.

All products require stable and sufficient packing material, needed to protect the product from ESD (Electro Static Discharge) influences and possible damage during transport.
Required Packaging Steps:

A. Place drive in ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Bag (For internal drives only. Not using an ESD Bag will void the warranty on the drive.)
B. Wrap with 2 inches of bubble wrap or non-movable foam cushioning
C. Place in sturdy cardboard box. Do not use chipboard, as it is not strong enough to withstand the rigors of transit. Please make sure the corrugated carton is free from defects and is structurally sound. Note: Returning a WD hard drive in an envelope, will void the warranty.
D. Please print out the RMA Label and affix on the box. Write the Return Material Authorization number on outside packaging, on three sides in bold print.
E. When shipping multiple items, each item must be, packed as above, hard drive must not directly touch each other and cannot move inside the packaging. All products MUST be, packed in individual anti-static bags and in a sturdy cardboard box. Please utilize Western Digital original packaging when available. DO NOT USE peanuts or packing material that can shift or settle during transit. Warning: Returning a WD hard drive in an envelope, will void the warranty.

Send your product to the address located in your RMA Premailer.
Retain a record of your RMA number and all tracking/shipping numbers for your records. This will allow Western Digital to better serve you with possible inquiries.

Your Return Material Authorization number must be visible on 3 sides of the box. Any package sent in without an RMA number will be returned to you non-repaired. If you have multiple RMA numbers, send them in separate boxes (If you are sending multiple Return Material Authorization in a single Over Pack container, each Return Material Authorization number within the over pack carton, must be, individually, boxed with the specific Return Material Authorization number associated with that device, written on three sides of the box in bold print. Failing to follow these specific Over Pack instructions may possibly void the warranty and result in the product being returned to you "as is".)

Use a traceable carrier.
Use a traceable carrier for transport or a signed for service (i.e., Airborne, Fed Ex, UPS, U.S. Priority Mail, etc.) with the post office (European/Canadian customers only) as they provide you with a tracking number and proof of delivery. The cost of sending a drive to the returns service center for warranty service (also known as the return shipping cost), is paid by the customer. Western Digital pays for the return shipment (except for some Latin American countries). Western Digital will refuse any collect payment shipment. If upon arrival your products are out of warranty the shipment will be returned to you at YOUR COST and may be scrapped without further notice.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Audi 90 IMSA & 200 TransAm

Audi,Imsa,TransAm,S1,Donauring,quattro - MyVideo

Did I predict the Chrome OS?

This is a part of a story I wrote back in 2002 when I took part in a contest writing about "Agriculture in 2030". I wrote it in German and got Google to translate it quickly. I know it's a little bit messed up but maybe you get what I was writing about:

"Besides existing operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac), the "Weach browser" prevailed as a "sub-OS". Found first installed in a tractor in 2002 it has been embraced by many "computer-controlled machine" manufacturers by 2004! What's special about this sub-OS is that it takes advantage of a medium widely underestimated by the software industry: The human brain! The user has to visualizes the interface of the browser in his head to make the sub-OS work! This may seem impossible - but it is not because the personally created main menu of "Weach" never changes. So what does Weach looks like now? Well, first you have a normal window - the main menu, or (as known from Windows "desktop") on the screen. Later, you will see this window more and more just in your head. Here we have different columns. For example, column 1 (for addresses telephone numbers, e-mail) addresses, or entire business cards, column 2 for Internet addresses (links), column 3 for Music, column 4 for the tractor and so on. Then you determine exactly what you want to do. So, for example, in column 4 (the tractor) Number 2 is the hydraulic pressure, number 5 is the flow rate, number 6 is the maximum speed, number 1 is the speed ... "B" will always return to the main menu. An example command. You say (Oh yes - the system obviously works with speech recognition): B - 4 - 5 to pre-select what you want to do. In this case it's the oil flow. Then you just grab the "main knob" to adjust the control valve. On the display you can, of course, also follow every single step. It's faster though, when it's all just imagined. And as I said - this is no problem! Because it does not matter on which machine or device you're on.You always have the same menu! You're using the same command for making a call no matter if you're in a shopping mall using your cell, the built in cell on the tractor or your computer at home. It's always B - 1 - 3 (for example)! Weach is virtually always with you! You only need to download the configuration settings from the "Weach server" to the particular device - that's it!"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fissler Lids (no more ThermoStar!)!

Wow now that's what I call customer service!
A few weeks ago I've sent another email to Fissler complaining about the Intensa ThermoStar problems. ThermoStar is a little button in the pot lid that shows when the temperature in the pot is high enough to turn down the stove and save energy. Good idea but these plastic pieces just wont last and then you have a hole in the lid.
So Fissler replied (as usual - I can't say anything about their really good customer service!) and they offered sending me new lids to Canada. For free!
Today I picked up the package from the post aoffice in Shoppers Drugmart here in Abbotsford. I had to pay $11.12 (customs I guess). Very pleased especially because they sent an extra lid for the sauce pan which was not included in the original set. Plus we got a peeler!

Thank you Fissler!

Monday, November 30, 2009

First steps in Google Wave

When to use Google \/\/ave

There are tons of ways to use Google Wave--here are just a few examples to get you thinking and an overview video that shows Google Wave in action.

Organizing events

Keep a single copy of ideas, suggested itinerary, menu and RSVPs, rather than using many different tools. Use gadgets to add weather, maps and more to the event.

Meeting notes

Prepare a meeting agenda together, share the burden of taking notes and record decisions so you all leave on the same page (we call it being on the same wave). Team members can follow the minutes in real time, or review the history using Playback. The conversation can continue in the wave long after the meeting is over.

Group reports and writing projects

Collaboratively work in real time to draft content, discuss and solicit feedback all in one place rather than sending email attachments and creating multiple copies that get out of sync.


Bring lots of people into a wave to brainstorm - live concurrent editing makes the quantity of ideas grow quickly! It is easy to add rich content like videos, images, URLs or even links to other waves. Discussion ensues. Etiquettes form. Then work together to distill down to the good ideas.

Photo sharing

Drag and drop photos from your desktop into a wave. Share with others. Use the slideshow viewer. Everyone on the wave can add their photos, too. It is easy to make a group photo album in Google Wave.

Google Wave in action

Product managers, Stephanie and Greg explain many of the features of Google Wave [8 minutes].

You have to get used to the messaging system in waves and also how to keep your inbox tidy.

Why it's not possible yet to drag pictures directly from Picasa WebAlbums into waves is a mystery to me.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Google Wave Einladung nur ein paar Klicks entfernt!

So einfach ist es:
Klicke auf "Nächste Seite" unterhalb der Werbung (nachdem du einen Werbelink geklickt hast und wieder zurück gekommen bist)
und gehe auf die folgende Seite.

Die Werbung wird sich im selben Fenster öffnen. Du musst also wieder hier zurück kommen (Klick den "zurück" Pfeil im Browser) um zur nächsten Seite zu gelangen.

Klicke einen Werbelink  jeder Seite. Auf der letzten (dritten) Seite wirst du eine Google Wave Einladung finden!

Nächste Seite

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your Google Wave invite is just a view clicks away

It's as easy as that:
Click "Next Page" below the Ads (after you clicked an Ad an came back)
to get to the next page.

The Ads will open in the same window so you have to press the "back" button in your browser to return here.

Click an Ad on each page and on the last
one (the 3rd page) you will find a Google Wave

Next Page

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Chrome OS Invitation!

Google Chrome OS invitation coming soon.
But first get your Google Wave! It's absolutely revolutionary and just awesome! It's a combination of Groups, Message Board, Chat, Instant Messaging and Email! It got so many cool features, you have to see it to understand how this will change the online landscape! Wave invitations have been handed out to developers only (100.000) and they got invitations to get their friends on board. So the invites are very scarce! They sell for over $70 on ebay!
I got one left and you can have it for $20! Fast and easy transaction via Paypal!
Email me

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My first Google Wave in my blog!

[wave id="!w+XhlbjybwA"]

Google: THE longterm investment

My answer to "Do not invest long term in Google.
Only play it day to day.
Long term and even short term, Google will lose large percentages of its market share as a search engine.
Can you guess who will take it?
Nope, not yahoo.

Bing. Bing will take 10%, then 20%, and eventually 50% of the current market share Google has. Google market already has dropped from 80% down to 67%.
I think exactly the opposite right now. Google IS a long term investment.
Google is about to start a revolution and it's the best positioned company to succeed!
The first big one is Google Wave. Then Chrome OS and the Cloud. Google is getting all of it's services under one hood and that will be a huge thing! They did a fantastic job first offering services like GMail, Maps, Picasa and so on and did a great job, thus winning a lot of users. Now they want to offer the whole package. Microsoft failed keeping up with Google coming from the other end (they started with the OS and trying hard to get into the web service business). Google first got users providing superior service and offers them now to get a free OS for both smart phones AND computers!
And why Google WILL succeed is because they will make a huge difference. I'm telling you the time right now is extremely exciting! There's a big change coming. We approach the cloud era very fast and Google is the one way ahead! It got all the ingredients to offer any service you can imagine! When you leave your computer at home (running the Chrome OS) you can seamlessly continue what you just did on your Android powered phone (Droid)!
Just look at what Google got and just throw everything in one box and whatever comes to your mind WILL be a part of what Google is working on right now!
Google Wave
Google Voice
Chrome OS
Google Docs
I wondered for a while why Google didn't focus more on making Orkut a real competitor to Facebook. I think the answer is Google Wave.
Google needs to use all its power now to get the right software out to the users. If the users fall in love with the Chrome OS and the Cloud computing as they did with other Google services then there's no doubt Google can charge a license fee for it's software. And Microsoft will be in big trouble!
We haven't see the real power of the internet yet. Its very very exciting how everything's coming together now!
Bing will never get more than 30% (combined with Yahoo) market share. Google won't drop below 60%. And more importantly: Google will stay the king when it comes to advertising revenue! Because of all the stuff I mentioned above!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why Google doesn't focus on Orkut and Groups

We all know that if Google really wants to make something great, they focus on the project and create something different, unique and usually better than what others have. GMail ,Picasa, Maps and Earth are just a few examples that show why Google is such a big shot. But then there are Google projects that clearly don't get enough attention and thus can't compete with the competitors.
Orkut may be big in countries like Brazil and India but globally, it's nowhere near Facebook. I wonder why Google doesn't try harder. Maybe it's working on something big. Something that has a service like Facebook integrated.
Okay the "big thing" is Google Wave. It can kill Facebook!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Google: All set for the future

What the future MIGHT look like:
Google's Servers will host all your files and take over the role of your PC. At home, users will have a very basic and inexpensive computer that communicates with the Google Server (or as they call it "The Cloud"). You run Google's free Operating System which is getting automatic updates and never slows down since all the computing is being done by Google's Server. I would say you save about 100$ per year on hard and software. No more Windows upgrades and the simple computer will last longer as well.
Google positioned itself very well. Step by step.
- Upload your pictures to Picasa
- Upload your Videos to YouTube
- Navigate using Google Maps on your Android phone
- Google Voice can be your phone service
- Share you Documents on Google Documents
- Get your email at GMail
- Get an Android powered phone and basically do the exact same thing you do on your Computer at home anywhere in the world!
I think Google CAN charge a fee for services like YouTube (as it already does for Picasa). If they keep it simple and fast users may be willing to pay a reasonable fee. If you pay $100 a year for all the services including cloud computing (excluding cloud computing using your phone) it's still a very good deal! No hassles and access to all your files whenever you want and where you want. Google's backup system should also be more sophisticated and safer than most of ours (if we have on AT ALL).

Google Documents

Set up information and other stuff:
Google Documents

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Medical Examination

Today, we did the Medical Examination for our Canadian Permanent Residence Application in Surrey... or Delta - it seems to be right on the border of Surrey/Delta (TomTom couldn't find the exact address).

Doctor Gulzar Singh Cheema's practise:

View Larger Map
The physical exam (Dr. Cheema):
- Weight
- Height
- Questions about medical history, medication, medical conditions, diseases...
- Blood Pressure
- Listen to lungs, heart
- Eye test (read a few letters from the wall test chart)

Then we had to go to the BC Biomedical Laboratories (Blood and Urine Test) and Scott Road X-Ray Centre (same Building: X-Ray #120, Lab #201):
located at 8425 120 Street, Delta, BC V4C 6R2 (down the Scott Road from Dr. Cheema's practice)

View Larger Map
On the road we noticed that they didn't sign Amelia's Urinalyse. I still went back to Dr. Cheema's practice hoping it might still be OK. But they didn't want to risk that the Immigration Office complains about it and sent me back to the Labs (just a 5 minute drive) for the signature.
It took about 3 hours to get all that done. 5 hours driving included. Not too bad. Hope everything's OK with our test results!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gas Price changed after shopping!

OK so I went to the Superstore here in Abbotsford to get some gas and groceries. Gas price was 103.9. "Fine", I thought knowing that the other gas stations here in Abby sell it for 99.9. But since I get 5 Cents per liter back in Superbucks I figured I stil lsave a cent per liter here. So I filled up nearly 50 liters and went into the store. When I came out, I peeked over to the Gas Bar (Superstore's gas station) and saw a gas price of 99.9! I walked over and checked the price at the pump: 99.9. Then I asked the clerk "Did you JUST drop the gas price 4 Cents?" "Yeah there's nothing I can do about it", he said.
We talk about 2 bucks so it's nothing to freak out about but it's just kinda funny.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jumped that with a four wheeler!


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Prototype Nokia Phone Recharges Radio Waves

A cell phone that never needs recharging might sound too good to be true, but Nokia says it's developing technology that could draw enough power from ambient radio waves to keep a cell-phone handset topped up.

Ambient electromagnetic radiation--emitted from Wi-Fi transmitters, cell-phone antennas, TV masts, and other sources--could be converted into enough electrical current to keep a battery topped up, says Markku Rouvala, a researcher from the Nokia Research Centre, in Cambridge, U.K.

Rouvala says that his group is working towards a prototype that could harvest up to 50 milliwatts of power--enough to slowly recharge a phone that is switched off. He says current prototypes can harvest 3 to 5 milliwatts.

The Nokia device will work on the same principles as a crystal radio set or radio frequency identification (RFID) tag: by converting electromagnetic waves into an electrical signal. This requires two passive circuits. "Even if you are only getting microwatts, you can still harvest energy, provided your circuit is not using more power than it's receiving," Rouvala says.

To increase the amount of power that can be harvested and the range at which it works, Nokia is focusing on harvesting many different frequencies. "It needs a wideband receiver," says Rouvala, to capture signals from between 500 megahertz and 10 gigahertz--a range that encompasses many different radio communication signals.

Historically, energy-harvesting technologies have only been found in niche markets, powering wireless sensors and RFID tags in particular. If Nokia's claims stand up, then it could push energy harvesting into mainstream consumer devices.

Earlier this year, Joshua Smith at Intel and Alanson Sample at the University of Washington, in Seattle, developed a temperature-and-humidity sensor that draws its power from the signal emitted by a 1.0-megawatt TV antenna 4.1 kilometers away. This only involved generating 60 microwatts, however.

Smith says that 50 milliwatts could require around 1,000 strong signals and that an antenna capable of picking up such a wide range of frequencies would cause efficiency losses along the way.

"To get 50 milliwatts seems like a lot," adds Harry Ostaffe, head of marketing for Pittsburgh-based company Powercast, which sells a system for recharging sensors from about 15 meters away with a dedicated radio signal.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • Great MotoGP race in Australia! Welcome Back Casey! #

  • Listening to The Book Of Love (Peter Gabriel) #

  • The Audi S2 finally got a successor! Audi TT-RS. Ich will diesen 5 Zylinder! #

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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Thema: Re: Rain, rain, rain
Datum: 14.06.98 06:39:29 MEZ

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

  • Tae Bo'ed... no further comment... #

  • @Kaleil Google's YouTube loses $1.65 Mio./day
    Google can afford that (they will make money sooner or later).Others can't in reply to Kaleil #

  • Researgling - how does that sound for "researching/googling" #

  • Nah I'm not registering that domain... doesn't make sense really. Since googling is already a form of researching anyway #

  • So I do some research using Google now. On what? How far farming software is today. Cloud computing is in the pipeline! Perfect for farmers! #

  • OK - offers a service to synchronize data. That's the first step or one feature of the cloud computing package #

  • Gave up FarmVille and Cafe World on my Facebook after 3 days. Feeling like the Tamagochi madness is back! #

  • Fendt is just the nicest one of all of them! Vario transmission is a big hit #

  • @Kaleil It's very hard to make money with stocks. A couple of good funds (incl. Buffet's BRK-A(B)) is the most likely way to make a gain. in reply to Kaleil #

  • Don't let schooling interfere with your education. (Mark Twain) #

  • After the switch to digital TV my Tivo is up and running again (had to get an IR control cable). 10 days without Tivo! #

  • GOOG had another great quarter! They're set to make use of their 22 billion war chest! Google just has to stitch all their stuff together... #

  • Google's 3rd quarter results and what they're up to: #

  • @Kaleil I have more faith in GOOG in reply to Kaleil #

  • Listening to... #

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Google did it again! Great quarter!

Google's 2009 3rd quarter earnings:
- A total of $5.94 billion in revenues which is a 7% last years $5.54 billion
- A total of $3.96 billion in revenues from Google-owned sites, amounting to 67% of the overall revenues for the Q3. This is a clear 8% from the same period last year which is $3.67 billion
- $1.80 billion revenue from the Google AdSense program representing 30% of the overall revenues. And this registers for a 7% increase in previous year’s earnings
- Even Google’s revenues from international partners and offices showed positive sign, getting $3.14 billion which is 53% of total Google revenues.

With a 22 billion war chest Google can make their visions come true. They introduced service after service in the last couple of years. GMail, Earth, Picasa, Chrome, Google Phone, Google Voice (Google phone number and service)... And Chrome OS will be one serious step into cloud computing by getting the best out of all the individual services.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt:
“While there is a lot of uncertainty about the pace of economic recovery, we believe the worst of the recession is behind us and now feel confident about investing heavily in our future.”

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

  • 3 new thoughts. 2 Technical ones and 1 regarding cloud computing (well that one is a decade old but it came back now...) #

  • Here the article regarding "Farming in the year 2030" I wrote 7 years ago. In German though... #

  • Wish I could beam myself there every now and then: #

  • No F1 nor MotoGP race this weekend... #

  • Goin to Coquitlam for some Chicken #

  • Got new B&D DCM2590 Coffee Maker from the Superstore here in Abbotsford. Got it for half price (marked down). It was also their last one... #

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Black & Decker SmartBrew DCM 2590

Went shopping for a new coffee maker and ended up in Superstore here in Abbotsford after Wal-Mart didn't have nice ones. There was one Black & Decker SmartBrew DCM 2590 left on the shelf with a marked down price of $29. Seemed like a fair deal considering it got a thermal carafe and nice design. It turned out that it got decent review, too. Let's see! It should be better than the cheap 15 buck one I bought at Wal-Mart a year ago. A few months ago I accidentally hit the start button and it cracked the carafe. This one doesn't have a hot plate (thermal carafe wouldn't work with it because of the double wall). So this one looks like a good deal.

Product Features:
* 8-cup coffeemaker with 24-hour programmable digital clock/timer
* Perfect Pour thermal carafe keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours
* Water-level indicator; removable filter basket for easy filling
* Brew-pause function; "on" indicator; quick-clean touch-pad controls
* Measures approximately 12 by 8-4/5 by 13-3/5 inches

Stoner's Kritiker

Kevin Schwantz startete als erster Ex-Profi das kritisieren von Casey Stoner als dieser eine Pause einlegen musste um sich, von was auch immer er hatte, zu erholen (wahrscheinlich ein Virus).
"Wenn ich einen Vertrag habe, dann gehe ich auf die Strecke und fahre. Ob das immer 100 Prozent ist, sei dahingestellt."
"Als alter Fahrer denke ich, Casey muss auf die Strecke und Rennen fahren."

Wayne Gardner legte nach Stoner's beeindruckendem Comeback nochmal nach: ""Ich persönlich habe in meiner Zeit im Grand Prix Rennsport noch nie jemanden gesehen, der nur für eine Pause während des Jahres mit dem Rennenfahren aufgehört hätte."

Ich verstehe nich was alle immer wissen wollen! Stoner gab seien Antworten. Diese Leute die ihn nun kritisieren sollen ihre Augen aufmachen! Ist Stoner krank? Antwort gab Stoner in Form von offensichtlicher kompletter Erschöpfung nach mehreren Grand Prix's! Stoner war krank! Was WOLLEN die Leute von ihm? Darf man sich nicht mehr erholen? Diese Ex-Profis denken nur weil sie mit gebrochenen Knochen fuhren muss ei nStoner auch mit einem Virus fahren können! Das sind aber 2 verschiedene paar Schuhe!
Stoner's Antwort auf die Frage ob er sich nun besser fühle: Siehe Grand Prix von Portugal! Er braucht nix sagen! Er hat bei der Sieger Pressekonferenz gelächelt! Das ist für mich die Antwort! Basta!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Formula 1 safety device & Google cam

A cam Google could develop for YouTube video filming. It should not be visible so it would need a very small lens or a worm like image transmitter to the camera (via Bluetooth) in the pocket.

Formula 1:
After Filipe Massa's nearly fatal accident (luckily, he will fully recover from it) a few months ago, a new safety device came to my mind today. It's simple but due to the speed of a F1 car tricky to implement. Like the rollbar of the Mercedes SL it would pop up in front of the driver's helmet and protect from severe injuries. The question is just: "How do you activate it?"

Gone Digital!

I called Shaw a few weeks ago after I figured out I would save at least $20 a month with an equivalent Telus bundle. So the guy said that Telus is not comparable to what they have. Telus TV uses Internet technology while Shaw's proven cable technology just works better. Well whatever I can't tell if it's true or not. He said he can't just price match Telus because of the quality difference. So I was pretty much ready to hang up when I once more started to complain about the price difference. Telus high speed Internet would cost me 20 bucks while Shaw costs $35! I told him that I don't udnerstand why there's suc ha gap between Shaw's Internet offers. I mean there's nothing between 256 kb/s and the next step which is 7.5 mb/s!
So after that he said what he COULD do is giving me an upgrade to Digital TV (free Digital Box rental) and a bundle price of $77 instead of the $96 for 6 months.
That's worth more than $200:
- The Digital Box would cost $118 if you buy it or $2.95 per month
- About $19 less for 6 months
I might give the ma call in 6 months again  :mrgreen:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swollen wrist!

I woke up last Sunday with a badly hurting wrist so I thought I slept in a real weird position and didn't move all night. But it got worse the next day! I couldn't move it at all and had to keep it in a certain way or else the weight of my hand would be enough to make it hurt again. After work I put 2 frozen veggies bags to reduce swelling.
Monday and Tuesday were bad but I noticed on Tuesday that it peaked. From there it gradually got better. But really just gradually. Every hour I felt a difference which was something I never experienced before! When I had a pain it usually disappeared over night. With my wrist it was a different story. Thursday the swelling went down and I was also able to use it at work. A week later I still felt it when I made a certain move.
It was not only the wrist but also the thumb I couldn't move. What it was? I suppose some sort of inflammation. When I pulled my fingers there was no pain.
I ate a whole lot of veggies for a couple of days which I never really did before so maybe all the Broccoli and stuff had something to do with it...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sold my YouTube account

Opened a new Paypal account just for this transaction because I didn't want to get scammed (again). I had to pay fees again (for receiving payment) but after I moved the money to my regular Paypal account, I closed this one. So they couldn't do a reverse transaction.
Sep. 28, 2009 Payment To Michael Lutz Completed -$368.68 CAD
Sep. 28, 2009 Payment From Track One Recordings Completed $380.00 CAD

Sep. 28, 2009 Payment Completed For Michael Lutz Cleared by Payment Review $357.69 CAD (after Paypal fees)
Sep. 28, 2009 Payment Received From Michael Lutz Completed $368.68 CAD

Friday, September 25, 2009

Flavio Briatore - a "real businessman"

Flavio Briatore said himself that he's not a Formula 1 fan. He's a businessman and F1 is, or better was, his business. The last trick he's pulled was his worst and his last one in Formula 1. And it was one too many. It ruined his name for good.
The first cheating tricks surfaced in 1994 when he won the title with Michael Schumacher and Benetton. Under Briatore's management, the Team removed a fuel filter to save time during pit stops, Schumacher was told to ignore the Black Flag during a race, the wooden board under the car was undersize and they allegedly had a traction control which was not allowed at the time.
Benetton claimed they had a verbal agreement with FIA’s technical observer Charlie Whiting. Why on earth would he AGREE to let them have an unfair advantage?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So he DID make a stitch

Today I spit out the thread the dentist used after extracting the right lower wisdom tooth. I don't think he had to sew the left side though...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My last wisdom teeth are gone!

I went to Dr. Nair's practise in Langley to get my wisdom teeth extracted. Appointment was for 10:30. Around noon we left the place already!
The people there are really nice and they do a fantastic job. I was worried that the IV sedation will ruin my whole day but I was surprised how good it worked! Didn't feel a thing and I wasn't all groggy afterwards! The freezing will last for a while (as usual) but there's nothing bad I can say about the sedation! I guess it was because he didn't need to give me too much of it. I would say it took him 30 minutes tops to extract the 2 teeth. One was a little bit easier to pull I suppose but I'd say it still takes quite some skill to get them out this fast. So maybe he gave me just a minimum sedation (no top up needed) and that was the reason why I really felt pretty good afterwards.
The bill:
Surgical Removal of Tooth: $327.80 (twice) so $655.6
IV Sedation: $300.00
Total: $955.6
My share (20%): $191.12

Monday, September 14, 2009

Motoreneinfrierung und Wiederauftauung in der Formel 1

Warum dann überaupt Motoren bauen wenn man nicht besser als andere sein darf? Mercedes hat den besten Motor. Er hat die meiste Power, ist Zuverlässig und braucht sogar noch wenig Sprit dabei. Nun denkt man wieder darüber nach die Motoreneinfrierung für die anderen Hersteller (oder nur Toyota?) aufzuheben um wieder alle Motoren auf gleichem Level zu haben. Ja Krampf lass nach! Erstmal ist das einfrieren sowieso ein Witz (vor allem weil man es eh jeden Winter aufhebt!). Motorenbau ist also zu teuer? Man hat bestimmte Materialien bereits vor Jahren verboten (Beryllium...) und das Drehzahlllimit und Motorenlimit macht die Motoren eh schon günstiger. Warum will man in der F1 keinen technischen Wettbewerb? Und wenn es eh keinen Wettbewerb gibt - welchen (Werbe-) Sinn macht es dann für Hersteller überhaupt Motoren zu bauen? Es ist ja nicht so dass man damit angeben könnte! Im Jahr darauf sind wieder alle gleich stark weil man die Einfrierung für die "schwachen" kurz aufhebt!
Wieviel teurer ist es denn ohne Einfrierung? Ich war immer begeistert von den Entwicklungssprüngen in der F1. Nun ist das Ziel "Einheitsmotoren" von verschiedenen Herstellern zu haben.
Mit Drehzahllimit, Motorenlimit (bestimmte Anzahl pro Saison) und eventuell Mindestgewicht (man könnte sogar festlegen wie das Gewicht verteilt sein muss) sind die Kosten doch eindämmbar.
Die Windkanäle sind vielleicht das grösste Problem. Jedes Team hat einen und deshalb kann man sie nicht einfach so verbieten. Es wäre schön wenn die Teams wieder mehr Geld in die Motoren und weniger in die filigrane Aerodynamikentwicklung stecken würden...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Audi IMSA GTO 1989 Sears Point

Audi IMSA GTO 1989 Sears Point

Solidworks 2009 installation

Ok I finally got this shit to work. One of the most annoying things about torrents is their complete lack of instructions. But this wouldn't be a proper pirate bay torrent without a set of vague useless instructions now would it? So that being said, hopefully I can shed some light on the installation process. (I have Vista 32-Bit)

1. You must EXTRACT the ISO contents to your hard-drive in order for the files to work properly, simply mounting it will generate .dll errors.
2. Once the contents are extracted navigate thru the swwi/data folder and select the English_i386_SolidWorks installer and proceed to install.
3. Now about half-way thru the installation you will be asked for a serial. This is where the instructions in Russian come in handy. You open those up and scroll thru them until you see the image where the serial code is being entered. If you're lazy the code is: 0001 0001 0736 0361 JK3Q HDJ3 enter this and begin installing. (It might mess up at the very end telling you that it didn't finish installing but if your SolidWorks icon is on your desktop then it's ok.)
4. Open the crack.rar and EXTRACT that to your desktop or it won't work properly. Launch the crack and browse to the sldappu.dll file located in your solidworks install directory(typically on the C Drive) and hit start. It should show that the file was sucessfully cracked and the program should now be fully operational. I've only had this installed for a couple of hours so I'm not sure of any bugs within the program but hey this is a $8000 program that you got in a couple of hours so don't bitch. Hope I helped someone.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Abbotsford Fingerprint

My wife needed fingerprints to apply for a police clearance from her home country (Guyana) So our first thought was "Well, let's go to the police station!". Since we live in Abbotsford, BC, we could only get them from the Abbotsford police station. "Why not?" you might ask. Because we called around and it turned out that the Abbotsford police station charges $65 instead of $30-$35 other police stations or the Commissionaires charge!
We went to Delta twice but unfortunately it we reached too late both times (I don't wanna take off a day just to get fingerprints so we went there after work). The first time we got into a traffic jam and we were 10 minutes late. The second time we reached there 15 minutes before closing time but they still said it's too late because there's another customer ahead of us and it takes about 15 minutes to take the fingerprints.
OK that was a waste of tiem and money. But I still didn't feel like letting Abbotsford get through with that rip off!
So now we went to Vancouver to the International Fingerprinting Services Canada.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Google the way to go?

I've been enthusiastic about Nokia for a long time but I think the market has changed. The iPhone was not what made me think "Apple is going to wipe out Nokia". But Google might be the one that is a threat for both of them.
Why? Because I checked Ovi again today and when I signed into the mailbox I just thought "This is just another lame service provider like hotmail or Yahoo who clearly has nothing in the pipeline to be anywhere close to Google's innovative products". The only innovator is Google. It's about speed, simple but intuitive and clean design. In 5 years I see Google as an Application Service Provider users will connect to using their mobile device or PC running a Google OS. Google is a highly profitable company so they do have a lot of cash to invest in Operating Systems for any kind of device. Google has what Nokia wants to offer through Ovi. Just better and proven! Picasa, Google Earth and Gmail. Additionally they have their search engine and soon a OS for PC's.
So I'm not sure about Nokia anymore. A cheap phone maker. That's it. And that's what they will be in the future. But that might not be enough!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-02

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Tracking Permanent Residence Application Package

Tracking Number: RW314541888CA


Please note that this is the most up-to-date information available in our system. Our telephone agents have access to the same information presented here.

Track Status

Product Type: USA Letterpost
Location: 14203,USA
Description: Item successfully delivered

Track History
Date: 2009/07/30
Time: 10:36
Location: 14203,USA
Description: Item successfully delivered

Date: 2009/07/24
Time: 13:54
Description: International item has left Canada

Date: 2009/07/22
Time: 20:08
Location: Abbotsford
Description: Item accepted at the Post Office

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i-gotU GT-200

i-gotU GT-200 Data Logger Bluetooth GPS (65 nm SiRFStar III Chipset, Water Proof) $89.95
Subtotal: $89.95
Shipping: $8.99
Tax: $4.95
Total: $103.89
i-gotU GT-200 Data Logger Bluetooth GPS (65 nm SiRFStar III Chipset, Water Proof)

i-gotU GT-200 is not only a bluetooth GPS receiver, but also a data logger.

Key features:

* Auto-map your photos with GPS location information
* Organize and present your journey in three-dimensional Google map and Google earth
* Compatible with all digital cameras and camera phones, coolest GPS tracking gadget for
your journey.
* Easy-to-use software user interface
* Export in multiple file formats, supports popular web album
* Create and share your live travel blog with all your friends quick and easy
* Multiple ways for attachment, suitable for outdoor use
* Water-resist hardware design, suitable for rainy days, skiing, water sports
* Compatible to third party GPS navigation software, can be used as GPS Bluetooth Receiver
of your PDA or mobile phone


* Dimension: 46 x 41.5 x 14 mm
* Weight: 37g
* Built-in SiRF StarIII low power
* Built in GPS Patch Antenna
* Buitl-in 750mAh Lithium-ion
* 2 LED for tracking and battery
/ charger status Indication
* Average acquisition time for
cold start: < 60 seconds,
warm start: < 38 seconds
* USB 1.1 interface for PC
* Bluetooth V2.0 EDR Class 2
technology for PDA, mobile
phone connectivity
* Operation temperature: -10 to
+ 50 degrees centigrade
System requirements:

* PC with Windows 2000, XP,
* PC with USB 1.1 or 2.0

Package Includes:

* i-gotU GT-200 Bluetooth
GPS Travel Logger with built-
in Battery x 1
* Bumper Protection Case x 1
* USB Desktop Sync cable x 1
* Software CD x 1

Danny Bhoy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sabrina Kocher oder "Spiel, Satz und Sieg"

Sabrina Kocher oder "Spiel, Satz und Sieg"

Als echte Sportskanone ist Sabrina schon seit Jahren Mitglied in der Tennisabteilung des BC Aresing. Für ihr Tennis verzichtet sie nicht nur in den Sommermonaten am Abend auf's Ausgehen, um am nächsten Tag fit und ausgeschlafen auf dem Platz zu stehen, nein, sie schlägt sich auch so manche Nacht vor dem Fernseher um die Ohren, um Spiel, Satz und Sieg ihrer Lieblingsstars live mitzuerleben. Anna Kournikova (haben wir das auch richtig geschrieben, Sabrina?) hat es ihr dabei besonders angetan, was zum Beispiel auch ihr Ordner beweist, in dem etliche Bilder dieser Spielerin kleben.
Auch sonst ist Sabrina kein typisches "Weibchen", im Gegenteil, sie ist sogar äußerst praktisch veranlagt, was manchmal auch uns zugute kommt. Oder wer hat schon eine Freundin, die sogar auf Auslandsreisen ein Isolierband dabei hat?
Wer mit Sabrina verreisen will, wird dabei sicher viel Spaß haben, sollte aber trotzdem einiges berücksichtigen:

  • während der Fahrt, besonders bei Bus-oder Autofahrt, nicht anprechen

  • zwei Tage vor der Fahrt nichts zu essen geben, dafür jede Menge Cola einflössen

  • Außerdem muss man sich vor allem in den Mittelmeerländern darauf gefasst machen, dass Sabrina ihrem leicht südländischen Aussehen so manches männliche Wesen in Verzückung versetzen könnte.Aber keine Angst, nicht einmal das verlockende Angebot, mit einem schönen Italiener in ein 5-Sterne-Hotel zu gehen, konnte Sabrina in Florenz so recht begeistern (Warum nur?)

Die Coca-Cola Flasche war schon früher ihr Markenzeichen. Auch heute bleibt sie immer, wenn sie Autofahren muss, lieber bei anti-alkoholischen Getränken und kommt daher nicht so oft dazu, ihr geliebtes Woazn" zu trinken (Obwohl wir uns sicher sind, dass Sabrina selbst mit Alkohol im Blut noch besser fahren würde, als manch Anderer, denn sie ist eine äußerst sichere Fahrerin.).
Sabrina manchmal ernst wirken mag, kann man mit ihr außerhalb des grauen Schullebens viel Unfuganstellen: oder wie war das mit der Schnitzeljagd zu ihrem Geburtstag, als wir sie durch die halbe Stadt gejagt haben und sie sogar noch die peinlichste Aufgabe meisterte?
Ihre Karriere als Krankenschwester, die sie einst in der Mittelstufe anstrebte, wird wohl doch der Tatsache zum Opfer fallen, dass sie kein Blut sehen kann (sorry Sabrina, einmal musste es noch sein!).
Was sie in Zukunft machen wird, wissen wir auch nicht, wir wissen nur:
Sabrina, du bisch ächt in Ordnung.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why??? (Hindi Jokes)

Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up every two hours?

If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?

Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are flat?

Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough?

Massa hatte Glück

Massa hatte grosses Glück. Dieses Teil war ein Geschoss. Man kann keinen Helm so bauen dass man bei so einem "Beschuss" ohne Verletzungen davon kommt. Bei Burti's Unfall wurde das Visier wohl gar nicht getroffen (von was auch immer die Kinn Region des Helms zerstört wurde)! Massa's Helm wurde genau an der Visieraufhängung getroffen. Da kannst du 10 Schrauben reindrehen und es würde immer noch weggesprengt werden!
Hier ein Artikel was Helmhersteller nach dem Massa Unfall sagten:
"Man kann nur spekulieren, aber wenn die Feder fünf Zentimeter weiter unten direkt getroffen und direkt das Visier durchschlagen hätte, hätte man fragen können, ob man nicht hätte das Visier verstärken können. Sicherlich wäre das möglich, aber dann kann man sie nicht mehr benutzen. Wir können sie nicht aus Panzerglas oder Ähnlichem fertigen. Das ist schlichtweg unmöglich."
Absolut richtig! Die Feder hat ihn zudem nicht ganz frontal getroffen. Ein paar Zentimeter haben gefehlt und das Teil wäre exakt in der Mitte (frontal, also noch mehr Energy die der Helm hätte aushalten müssen) und auch noch genau durch das Visier geschossen (natürlich weniger Widerstandsfähig als der Helm selber)!
Er hatte Glück. Basta.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nach Henry Surtees' tödlichem Unfall...

Immer wenn im Motorsport ein Fahrer tödlich verunglückt, beginnen diese sinnlosen Diskussionen über Sicherheit im und Sinn des Motorsports. Ich kann mich noch erinnern, als nach dem tödlichen Unfall von Gilles Villeneuve in den deutschen Massenmedien (HG Müller?) pausenlos über die Sinnhaftigkeit des Motorsport gejammert wurde. Als dieser Sport durch einen gewissen Stefan Bellof und dann erst recht durch Michael Schumacher wieder salonfähig wurde, hörten die Diskussionen urplötzlich auf. Es ist immer schlimm, wenn ein Mensch sein Leben auf tragische Weise verliert. Jeder Fahrer weiß, wenn er ins Cockpit klettert, daß er ab diesem Zeitpunkt sein Leben riskiert, das weiß aber auch ein Dachdecker, der auf's Dach steigt. Wenn da einer runterfällt brechen keine Diskussionen los, ob man vielleicht die Sicherheit (ev. Seilsicherung etc.) verbessern könnte. Ist halt passiert, Pech gehabt, war sein Beruf. Diskussionen über Sicherheit sind schon in Ordnung, haben auch schon viel positives bewirkt, es sind aber auch Fahrer ums Leben gekommen, die sozusagen in einem "Käfig" unterwegs waren, siehe Stefan Bellof, Jo Gartner, Manfred Winkelhock, Rolf Stommelen, Ignazio Giunti etc. Schlimm, wenn etwas passiert, aber bitte nicht diese Heuchelei...

So sind wir Menschen halt. Leute die uns unterhalten (Sänger, Sportler oder was auch immer) stellen wir auf ein Podest dass eigentlich gar nicht existieren sollte. Bei Michael Jackson war musikalisch doch mehr oder weniger die Luft raus. Warum macht man nun so einen Wirbel wegen seines Todes? Was haben die Leute noch von ihm erwartet? Ach ja... sie trauerten. Ich frage mich ob diese Leute um ihre Freunde genauso trauern wie um einen Mann der nicht mal wusste dass es sie GIBT!
Als Senna starb hatte er noch ein paar gute Jahre in der F1 vor sich. Also war es für uns F1 Fans schade und wir waren eben traurig dass wir ihn nicht mehr in den Rennen sehen konnten. Wäre er als 50 jähriger gestorben dann hätte es mich nicht unbedingt interessiert. Warum? Weil ich ihn nicht kannte! Leute denken sie verlieren einen besten Freund oder ein Familienmitglied wenn einer ihrer Stars stirbt. Es ist schade wenn ein junger Mensch stirbt. Aber seltsamerweise ist das Leben von "Stars" mehr Wert als das Leben eines "normalen" Menschen. Und warum? Weil sie uns unterhielten!
Die meisten Jobs sind heutzutage wohl gefährlicher als der Beruf des F1 Fahrers! Grosse Panik braucht jetzt nicht ausbrechen nur weil ein Fahrer von einem Rad getroffen wurde. War halt Pech. Wenn man den Helm nicht mehr draussen haben will muss man halt die offenen Autos verbieten. Wenn du anfängst einen Rahmen um das Cockpit zu bauen dann ist es eh kein offenes Auto mehr.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gente Di Mare


A noi che siamo gente di pianura
navigatori esperti di citta'
il mare ci fa sempre un po' paura
per quell'idea di troppa liberta'.
Eppure abbiamo il sale nei capelli
del mare abbiamo le profondita'
e donne infreddolite negli scialli
che aspettano che cosa non si sa.
Gente di mare
che se ne va
dove gli pare
dove non sa.
Gente che muore
di nostalgia
ma quando torna
dopo un giorno muore
per la voglia di andare via.
E quando ci fermiamo sulla riva
lo sguardo all'orizzonte se ne va
portandoci i pensieri alla deriva
per quell'idea di troppa liberta'.

Gente di mare
che se ne va
dove gli pare
dove non sa.
Gente corsara che non c'e' piu'
gente lontana che porta nel cuore
questo grande fratello blu.

Al di la' del mare
c'e' qualcuno che
c'e' qualcuno che non sa
niente di te.

Gente di mare
che se ne va
dove gli pare
dove non sa.
Noi prigionieri in questa citta'
viviamo sempre di oggi e di ieri
inchiodati dalla realta'...
e la gente di mare va.

Gente di mare
che se ne va
dove gli pare
dove non sa.
Noi prigionieri in questa citta'
viviamo sempre di oggi e di ieri
inchiodati dalla realta'...
e la gente di mare va.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Google's future

Bing? Hah! No one got Google's secret yet. It's actually literally a simple secret. Most of the people like Google's simple and fast way. I was one of those who pushed Bing up in the ranks because I also wanted to see what it is. And I was disappointed and just thought "congratulations Google!".
Google's OS will be successful in the long term and Microsoft will make it relatively easy for them because they just don't seem to get it!
Whatever Google comes up with just makes a difference. And that's why Google is so big.
Like Gmail: It's a huge improvement over services like Yahoo or Hotmail (and the rest of them). Google is a time saver. People don't like wasting time.
Microsoft knows that Google is going to be a pain in the ass. They just don't wanna admit it...
I'm thinking about buying Google shares now because it all makes sense to me what they do. I use Picasa for backing up my pictures now. In the near future we will have all of our files in data centers anyway because it's just the safest way to protect our data. What Google is working on is becoming an application service provider for most stuff your doing everyday on you computer. Managed by Google at their data centers it will be way faster than having a slow PC at home. A PC WILL get slower after a few months. Because there's so much crap running in the background. With Google's future technology it won't matter what you use to access your data with. It can be a Mac, a PC, a digital camera, a smart phone, a car (GPS Navi) whatever processes data it can communicate with Google. It's NOW the time to start it and Google will be the leader. To me it was just a matter of time until we see this kinda technology because all the different gadget we use everyday like cameras, phones... communicate with computers anyway but it's not as easy as it could be to connect them.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Viasys Healthcare Inc. - Principal Brands (Intermed)

Intermed Precision

Intermed Precision, an ISO 13485:2003 certified facility, manufactures a variety of orthopedic instruments and implants for orthopedic device companies in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services from design, prototyping, regulatory assistance, precision machining, surface treatments and assembly. A highly integrated manufacturing operation enables Intermed to provide complete solutions to its global customers with the highest degrees of Quality and Service.

Together, Intermed Precision and Tecomet comprise VIASYS Orthopedics, strategic business unit of VIASYS Healthcare.

Intermed Precision

Mark Webber's Record

Mark Webber is now holding the record for the most Formula 1 races without a win. It took 132 races (in his 8th year in F1) to score the first victory. The record was held by Rubens Barrichello who needed 123 races to win his first F1 race

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-05

  • Trying to track scammers from Check my website... #

  • I just took the "What Is Your True Astrological Sign?" quiz and got: Aquarius! Try it: #

  • I just took the "Are You A Michael Jackson Fan?" quiz and got: Yes, honey, TRUE FAN YOU ARE!! Try it: #

  • I just took the "What Michael Jackson Song Are You?" quiz and got: Beat It! Try it: #

  • I just took the "Are you a TRUE Jonas Brothers fan?" quiz and got: Jonas--Who?! Try it: #

  • Awesomized another program today ;-) #

  • @sugaliipss
    I'd get started listening to Godsmack (Greed, The Enemy...). #

  • @sugaliipss6
    Depends what question you ask us... in reply to sugaliipss6 #

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Autotrader Scammer!

Here are a few scammers from
Scammer #1:
Email #1:
Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding my 2005 Civic. If you are interested in it you should know that it has never been wrecked or damaged, the SUV is in excellent condition. The total price that I’m asking including shipping and insurance fees will be $4,850.00 CAD. The vehicle is absolutely perfect, it has a clear title, has never been repaired, never been involved in any type of accident or had any paint or body work done! I moved to England, United Kingdom due to my work, where European specs are different from the Canadian ones and it costs me too much driving it legally here and also there is nobody interested in buying it here that’s why I am selling so cheap hoping to find a buyer since the vehicle is located in Canada and will be delivered as Certified and E-tested along with all the documents (the clear and clean title already signed off by me, owner's manual, 2 sets of keys, service records, and of course the bill of sale notarized and signed by me). I would like to use a third party service, for our both safety and comfort (they will take care of the shipping/payment).
A few words about the car:
- 2005 Honda Civic Sedan
- KM: 61,055
- Transmission: 5sp manual
- Exterior color: Blue
- Interior color: Gray Cloth
- Engine: 1.7L L4 PFI SOHC 16V
For further support do not hesitate to provide the buyer's name and shipping address, I'll open a temporary case and the company will contact you with all the information about this possible purchase.

Best Regards!

Email #2:

As of now the car is located in Edmonton, AB. Here are the transaction steps: you will provide me your full name and delivery address/ You will be contacted by MoneyBookers with all the details about the transaction. You will make a deposit of 50% into a MoneyBookers agent account. The car will be delivered for inspection along with all the documents (the clear and clean title already signed off by me, owner's manual, 2 sets of keys, service records, and of course the bill of sale notarized and signed by me). The car will arrive in 3-4 days at your address for a 10 days inspection period. If you want to keep the car, you will sign over the title and pay the remaining balance. If you don't want to keep it, you will send it back to me and I will support the shipping back fees. MoneyBookers will refund you the deposit.

Best Regards!
StatCounter details (I sent him a link to one of my websites with a StatCounter to find out his real location):

Number of Entries: 1
Entry Page Time: 28th June 2009 17:35:43
Visit Length: 0 seconds
Browser: IE 6.0
Resolution: 1280x1024
Returning Visits: 0

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
IP Address: Awknet Communications, Llc (
Exit Page:
Entry Page:
Referring URL:


Scammer #2:

From Reiner Raginmund

Hello there,

Thank you very much for your interest in my used AUDI A3 2.0 TDI 140CV.
I live in England. The car is located in England, will be shipped in your country.
You don't have to pay additional taxes for this and the shipping costs will be covered by me. The reason that I want to sell my car is that I just moved in married and I also found a good job here.
It's very hard for me to drive this car here because they have other regulations and this week I found a family car here which I want to buy it, an England model, but first I have to sell my car. I tried to sell it to a local dealer but they told me they cannot accept it in England because the wheel is on the left side.The car has been tested before sale.
The interior looks great and also the exterior. The vehicle is in good condition, has no technical damage at all, no scratches or dents, no hidden defects, no smoking. It's fun and robust to drive. Technical inspection and emissions testing is passed and stamped as well. It has title of ownership,cleared of any obligations or fees and comes with all the documents.
The car is now located at the shipping company warehouse in England and they will deliver the car directly to your door.
This is an extremely clean car inside and outside. This is a one owner vehicle that was locally driven and never raced.
If you are looking for an extremely fast and dependable car (this is what you are looking for) that is fun to drive you won't want to miss this unique opportunity.
If you need any further information please feel free to contact me. The price is $ 2.400 US

Reiner Raginmund


Scammer #3:

From David Williams


This 2005 Nissan Altima Loaded SE-R with 49000 kilometers, runs and drives excellent. This car has been extremely well maintained with a full service history. It has no leaks or drips and does not smoke at all.

I am the firsth owner of this car, I bought it when i was serving in 193rd Special Operations Wing (SOW), Harrisburg IAP , Pennsylvania U.S. an Air Force Base base near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for my wife as a wedding gift, slightly used in 100% working and looking conditions with a clear title free of encumbrances and liens.

I have dropped my price to 2800 USD (purchase price, since this is an Urgent Sale! and I need to sell it before Jul 7th. When I will be deployed in Iraq with my platoon replacing the troops scheduled to come home. If you're interested to conclude this purchase in a timely manner email me your; Full Name and Shipping Address to open a case with eBay's Buyer Protection Program and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure. The financial part will be managed by them, which means that you will have a 10 days inspection period before committing to buy the vehicle. In this way both, buyer and seller are 100% covered during the steps of this transaction.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Cpt. David Williams

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BC Provincial Nominee

Dear Michael Lutz:

Congratulations! You have been selected as a BC Provincial Nominee.

This email is to inform you that your nomination package will be sent to your mailing address as indicated in the BC PNP application.

Please wait until you have carefully reviewed your nomination package before taking further action. Your nomination package includes detailed instructions on submitting your Permanent Resident application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and may include a Work Permit Support Letter, if applicable.

Please do not reply to this email except to alert us of a change in mailing address, or if there is an unreasonable delay in receiving your nomination package.


Economic Immigration Programs Branch
Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development
# 730 - 999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1

Phone: 604-775-2227
Fax: 604-660-4092

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sicom Industrie Customers

Thompson Foundry
GDLS (Brake drums and wheel hubs for Stryker vehicle)
Adara Systems

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson ist tot

Der King Of Pop (König des Pop) ist tot! Er erlag einem Herzinfarkt. Er wurde 50 Jahre alt.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Propane BBQ Grill

Bought it for $ 69.99 at Real Canadian Superstore (No Tax weekend) + 8kg propane cylinder for 51.38
From Drop Box

Small and compact, this simple steel BBQ is ideal for knocking burgers and franks right out of the park, season after season.

* 20,000 BTU
* 231 in2 cooking area
* 2 main burners
* BBQ grill covers available

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Wenn ich sehe wie sich Gläubige aufregen, weil Witze über Propheten, Heilige oder was auch imemr gemacht werden, dann verstehe ich das nicht! Du musst Mohammed doch nicht verteidigen! Ich verstehe die Gewaltbereitschaft nicht! Jemand macht einen Witz und dafür muss man ihn gleich umbringen! Warum denn? Wie wär's mit IGNORIEREN?!? Warum gleich immer jeden HASSEN? Für mich muss eine Religion auf gesundem Menschenverstand basieren. Gewalt darf kein Teil der Religion sein! Niemals! Und im Islam ist Gewalt immer gegenwärtig! Zumindest haben es islamische Länder so ausgelegt! Und ich finde es eben extrem pervers dass man kleine Mädchen an alte Männer verkauft/verheiratet! Das ist nur EINE Sache! Aber ich sage NICHT, dass es am Islam an sich liegt! Ich sage, dass es an der AUSLEGUNG liegt! IIn manchen Ländern werden immer noch Mädchen beschnitten! Nicht nur Muslime aber vor allem Muslime machen das! Ich weiss, du findest das nicht gut, aber damit will ich nur sagen, dass es eben eien Auslegung der Religion liegt! Sie nennen sich Muslime und denken dass sie das richtige machen. Aber es kann nicht richtig sein! Man kann also auch die Menschen die was falsches machen nicht unbedingt als Monster hisntellen. Sie glauben nur das falsche!
Man kann sogar soweit gehen und sagen, das Hitler oder Bin Laden nicht "Böse" war/ist! Hitler wollte in seinem Reich Wohlstand für seine Rasse. Er sah Juden als diejenigen an die den Deutschen die Arbeit weg nahmen. Sie mussten also sein Reich verlassen damit sein Volk wieder auf die Beine kam. Er war besessen. Er war falsch. Aber er glaubte er tat das richtige! Bin Laden ist auch von seinem perfektem Weltbild besessen. Sobald man aber jemanden umbringen muss kann es nicht richtig sein!
Ich weiss nicht WANN aber irgendwann MÜSSEN die Menschen aufwachen und sehen, dass Religionen, Habsucht oder was auch immer NICHT das "Problem" ist! Die Religion sollte an erster Stelle die Natur bringen! Um unsere (primär) Unterhaltungsgier zu sättigen müssen wir Energie vergeuden. EXTREM VIEL Energie! Im Grunde sagt der Islam und auch die Bibel, dass wir genau das NICHT machen sollen! Wir sind nicht bescheiden. Wenn wir das Geld haben, geben wir es auch aus! Und wenn wir eine Möglichkeit sehen noch mehr Geld für noch mehr Wohlstand zu machen, dann nutzen wir diese Möglichkeit! Und alles in allem arbeiten fast NUR für Unterhaltung! Wenn wir nichts zu tun haben werden wir verrückt! Meine Frau hat noch nie gearbeitet und hatte nun fast einen Nervenzusammenbruch weil sie sich irgendwelche komischen Sachen einbildet! Ich bin nicht der intelligenteste Kerl aber ich habe einen sehr gesunden Menschenverstand. Und deshalb finde ich es sehr traurig, dass die Menschheit zwar zum einen sehr intelligent ist aber zum anderen sich immer mehr von der Natur entfernt. Ich selbst hätte keinen Job wenn wir keine Kriege führen oder nicht nach Erdöl bohren würden!
Das man sich darüber aufregt weil jemand eine Karikatur von Mohammed gezeichnet hat ist für mich deshalb nicht verständlich! Ist das WIRKLICH der REDE wert? Warum zerbricht man sich nicht den Kopf wie man in Zukunft mehr in Einklang mit der Nature leben könnte?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oil Change

$36.94 (incl. tax) for oil change with Petro Canada coupon (printed out online - $10 off)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tool Nose Radious Compensation

Excel tool nose radius compensation spreadsheet. Download it and see if you like it.
Tool Nose Radius Compensation


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nicht mehr viel Arbeit!

Bei uns schaut's mittlerweile nicht mehr sehr gut aus mit der Arbeit! Ein paar Leuten wurde gekündigt und viele arbeiten nur noch 3 Tage die Woche!

Sold Sequenom

In order to close my Penson account (can't have an US account while living in Canada), I had to sell my stocks (333 shares). I put a limit of 14.90 (sometime last week) and that's how I sold all of them today. It closed regular trading at 14.91. After hours and after the earnings call it traded at 4.60 down almost 70%!
Cool! I suppose it was the first time ever I was lucky with stocks... LOL

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sicom Holidays

Started working for Sicom on February 25th 2008
1st Holidays 2009: April 6-9 = 4 days (Funzel & Bob)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

West End Vancouver

Heute sind wir nach West End Vancouver (Downtown Vancouver?) gefahren.

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Erst mal zum Stanley Park wegen des Hollow Tree. Das war ein sehr langer Spaziergang um den Park. Der Hollow Tree ist meiner Ansicht nach nix besonderes. Er (eine grosser Zeder mit 12m Umfang) wurde mal vom Blitz getroffen und war danach halt innen hohl. Da er nun recht morsch ist und schon längst nicht mehr von selbst stehenbleibt wollte man ihn endlich dem Erdboden gleich machen (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes: Man wollte einen Gehweg mit ihm pflastern) Nun wurde aber entschlossen ihn wieder herzurichten. Etwa 250000 $ (private Spenden) soll das kosten. Geldverschwendung! Machen Leute haben zu viel Geld...

Stanley Park:

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Capilano Suspension Bridge:

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Tricone Bit