Monday, July 13, 2009

Google's future

Bing? Hah! No one got Google's secret yet. It's actually literally a simple secret. Most of the people like Google's simple and fast way. I was one of those who pushed Bing up in the ranks because I also wanted to see what it is. And I was disappointed and just thought "congratulations Google!".
Google's OS will be successful in the long term and Microsoft will make it relatively easy for them because they just don't seem to get it!
Whatever Google comes up with just makes a difference. And that's why Google is so big.
Like Gmail: It's a huge improvement over services like Yahoo or Hotmail (and the rest of them). Google is a time saver. People don't like wasting time.
Microsoft knows that Google is going to be a pain in the ass. They just don't wanna admit it...
I'm thinking about buying Google shares now because it all makes sense to me what they do. I use Picasa for backing up my pictures now. In the near future we will have all of our files in data centers anyway because it's just the safest way to protect our data. What Google is working on is becoming an application service provider for most stuff your doing everyday on you computer. Managed by Google at their data centers it will be way faster than having a slow PC at home. A PC WILL get slower after a few months. Because there's so much crap running in the background. With Google's future technology it won't matter what you use to access your data with. It can be a Mac, a PC, a digital camera, a smart phone, a car (GPS Navi) whatever processes data it can communicate with Google. It's NOW the time to start it and Google will be the leader. To me it was just a matter of time until we see this kinda technology because all the different gadget we use everyday like cameras, phones... communicate with computers anyway but it's not as easy as it could be to connect them.

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