Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Audi IMSA GTO 1989 Sears Point

Audi IMSA GTO 1989 Sears Point

Solidworks 2009 installation

Ok I finally got this shit to work. One of the most annoying things about torrents is their complete lack of instructions. But this wouldn't be a proper pirate bay torrent without a set of vague useless instructions now would it? So that being said, hopefully I can shed some light on the installation process. (I have Vista 32-Bit)

1. You must EXTRACT the ISO contents to your hard-drive in order for the files to work properly, simply mounting it will generate .dll errors.
2. Once the contents are extracted navigate thru the swwi/data folder and select the English_i386_SolidWorks installer and proceed to install.
3. Now about half-way thru the installation you will be asked for a serial. This is where the instructions in Russian come in handy. You open those up and scroll thru them until you see the image where the serial code is being entered. If you're lazy the code is: 0001 0001 0736 0361 JK3Q HDJ3 enter this and begin installing. (It might mess up at the very end telling you that it didn't finish installing but if your SolidWorks icon is on your desktop then it's ok.)
4. Open the crack.rar and EXTRACT that to your desktop or it won't work properly. Launch the crack and browse to the sldappu.dll file located in your solidworks install directory(typically on the C Drive) and hit start. It should show that the file was sucessfully cracked and the program should now be fully operational. I've only had this installed for a couple of hours so I'm not sure of any bugs within the program but hey this is a $8000 program that you got in a couple of hours so don't bitch. Hope I helped someone.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Abbotsford Fingerprint

My wife needed fingerprints to apply for a police clearance from her home country (Guyana) So our first thought was "Well, let's go to the police station!". Since we live in Abbotsford, BC, we could only get them from the Abbotsford police station. "Why not?" you might ask. Because we called around and it turned out that the Abbotsford police station charges $65 instead of $30-$35 other police stations or the Commissionaires charge!
We went to Delta twice but unfortunately it we reached too late both times (I don't wanna take off a day just to get fingerprints so we went there after work). The first time we got into a traffic jam and we were 10 minutes late. The second time we reached there 15 minutes before closing time but they still said it's too late because there's another customer ahead of us and it takes about 15 minutes to take the fingerprints.
OK that was a waste of tiem and money. But I still didn't feel like letting Abbotsford get through with that rip off!
So now we went to Vancouver to the International Fingerprinting Services Canada.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Google the way to go?

I've been enthusiastic about Nokia for a long time but I think the market has changed. The iPhone was not what made me think "Apple is going to wipe out Nokia". But Google might be the one that is a threat for both of them.
Why? Because I checked Ovi again today and when I signed into the mailbox I just thought "This is just another lame service provider like hotmail or Yahoo who clearly has nothing in the pipeline to be anywhere close to Google's innovative products". The only innovator is Google. It's about speed, simple but intuitive and clean design. In 5 years I see Google as an Application Service Provider users will connect to using their mobile device or PC running a Google OS. Google is a highly profitable company so they do have a lot of cash to invest in Operating Systems for any kind of device. Google has what Nokia wants to offer through Ovi. Just better and proven! Picasa, Google Earth and Gmail. Additionally they have their search engine and soon a OS for PC's.
So I'm not sure about Nokia anymore. A cheap phone maker. That's it. And that's what they will be in the future. But that might not be enough!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-02

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Tracking Permanent Residence Application Package

Tracking Number: RW314541888CA


Please note that this is the most up-to-date information available in our system. Our telephone agents have access to the same information presented here.

Track Status

Product Type: USA Letterpost
Location: 14203,USA
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Date: 2009/07/30
Time: 10:36
Location: 14203,USA
Description: Item successfully delivered

Date: 2009/07/24
Time: 13:54
Description: International item has left Canada

Date: 2009/07/22
Time: 20:08
Location: Abbotsford
Description: Item accepted at the Post Office

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