Saturday, August 8, 2009

Abbotsford Fingerprint

My wife needed fingerprints to apply for a police clearance from her home country (Guyana) So our first thought was "Well, let's go to the police station!". Since we live in Abbotsford, BC, we could only get them from the Abbotsford police station. "Why not?" you might ask. Because we called around and it turned out that the Abbotsford police station charges $65 instead of $30-$35 other police stations or the Commissionaires charge!
We went to Delta twice but unfortunately it we reached too late both times (I don't wanna take off a day just to get fingerprints so we went there after work). The first time we got into a traffic jam and we were 10 minutes late. The second time we reached there 15 minutes before closing time but they still said it's too late because there's another customer ahead of us and it takes about 15 minutes to take the fingerprints.
OK that was a waste of tiem and money. But I still didn't feel like letting Abbotsford get through with that rip off!
So now we went to Vancouver to the International Fingerprinting Services Canada.

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