Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swollen wrist!

I woke up last Sunday with a badly hurting wrist so I thought I slept in a real weird position and didn't move all night. But it got worse the next day! I couldn't move it at all and had to keep it in a certain way or else the weight of my hand would be enough to make it hurt again. After work I put 2 frozen veggies bags to reduce swelling.
Monday and Tuesday were bad but I noticed on Tuesday that it peaked. From there it gradually got better. But really just gradually. Every hour I felt a difference which was something I never experienced before! When I had a pain it usually disappeared over night. With my wrist it was a different story. Thursday the swelling went down and I was also able to use it at work. A week later I still felt it when I made a certain move.
It was not only the wrist but also the thumb I couldn't move. What it was? I suppose some sort of inflammation. When I pulled my fingers there was no pain.
I ate a whole lot of veggies for a couple of days which I never really did before so maybe all the Broccoli and stuff had something to do with it...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sold my YouTube account

Opened a new Paypal account just for this transaction because I didn't want to get scammed (again). I had to pay fees again (for receiving payment) but after I moved the money to my regular Paypal account, I closed this one. So they couldn't do a reverse transaction.
Sep. 28, 2009 Payment To Michael Lutz Completed -$368.68 CAD
Sep. 28, 2009 Payment From Track One Recordings Completed $380.00 CAD

Sep. 28, 2009 Payment Completed For Michael Lutz Cleared by Payment Review $357.69 CAD (after Paypal fees)
Sep. 28, 2009 Payment Received From Michael Lutz Completed $368.68 CAD

Friday, September 25, 2009

Flavio Briatore - a "real businessman"

Flavio Briatore said himself that he's not a Formula 1 fan. He's a businessman and F1 is, or better was, his business. The last trick he's pulled was his worst and his last one in Formula 1. And it was one too many. It ruined his name for good.
The first cheating tricks surfaced in 1994 when he won the title with Michael Schumacher and Benetton. Under Briatore's management, the Team removed a fuel filter to save time during pit stops, Schumacher was told to ignore the Black Flag during a race, the wooden board under the car was undersize and they allegedly had a traction control which was not allowed at the time.
Benetton claimed they had a verbal agreement with FIA’s technical observer Charlie Whiting. Why on earth would he AGREE to let them have an unfair advantage?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So he DID make a stitch

Today I spit out the thread the dentist used after extracting the right lower wisdom tooth. I don't think he had to sew the left side though...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My last wisdom teeth are gone!

I went to Dr. Nair's practise in Langley to get my wisdom teeth extracted. Appointment was for 10:30. Around noon we left the place already!
The people there are really nice and they do a fantastic job. I was worried that the IV sedation will ruin my whole day but I was surprised how good it worked! Didn't feel a thing and I wasn't all groggy afterwards! The freezing will last for a while (as usual) but there's nothing bad I can say about the sedation! I guess it was because he didn't need to give me too much of it. I would say it took him 30 minutes tops to extract the 2 teeth. One was a little bit easier to pull I suppose but I'd say it still takes quite some skill to get them out this fast. So maybe he gave me just a minimum sedation (no top up needed) and that was the reason why I really felt pretty good afterwards.
The bill:
Surgical Removal of Tooth: $327.80 (twice) so $655.6
IV Sedation: $300.00
Total: $955.6
My share (20%): $191.12

Monday, September 14, 2009

Motoreneinfrierung und Wiederauftauung in der Formel 1

Warum dann überaupt Motoren bauen wenn man nicht besser als andere sein darf? Mercedes hat den besten Motor. Er hat die meiste Power, ist Zuverlässig und braucht sogar noch wenig Sprit dabei. Nun denkt man wieder darüber nach die Motoreneinfrierung für die anderen Hersteller (oder nur Toyota?) aufzuheben um wieder alle Motoren auf gleichem Level zu haben. Ja Krampf lass nach! Erstmal ist das einfrieren sowieso ein Witz (vor allem weil man es eh jeden Winter aufhebt!). Motorenbau ist also zu teuer? Man hat bestimmte Materialien bereits vor Jahren verboten (Beryllium...) und das Drehzahlllimit und Motorenlimit macht die Motoren eh schon günstiger. Warum will man in der F1 keinen technischen Wettbewerb? Und wenn es eh keinen Wettbewerb gibt - welchen (Werbe-) Sinn macht es dann für Hersteller überhaupt Motoren zu bauen? Es ist ja nicht so dass man damit angeben könnte! Im Jahr darauf sind wieder alle gleich stark weil man die Einfrierung für die "schwachen" kurz aufhebt!
Wieviel teurer ist es denn ohne Einfrierung? Ich war immer begeistert von den Entwicklungssprüngen in der F1. Nun ist das Ziel "Einheitsmotoren" von verschiedenen Herstellern zu haben.
Mit Drehzahllimit, Motorenlimit (bestimmte Anzahl pro Saison) und eventuell Mindestgewicht (man könnte sogar festlegen wie das Gewicht verteilt sein muss) sind die Kosten doch eindämmbar.
Die Windkanäle sind vielleicht das grösste Problem. Jedes Team hat einen und deshalb kann man sie nicht einfach so verbieten. Es wäre schön wenn die Teams wieder mehr Geld in die Motoren und weniger in die filigrane Aerodynamikentwicklung stecken würden...

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