Thursday, September 17, 2009

My last wisdom teeth are gone!

I went to Dr. Nair's practise in Langley to get my wisdom teeth extracted. Appointment was for 10:30. Around noon we left the place already!
The people there are really nice and they do a fantastic job. I was worried that the IV sedation will ruin my whole day but I was surprised how good it worked! Didn't feel a thing and I wasn't all groggy afterwards! The freezing will last for a while (as usual) but there's nothing bad I can say about the sedation! I guess it was because he didn't need to give me too much of it. I would say it took him 30 minutes tops to extract the 2 teeth. One was a little bit easier to pull I suppose but I'd say it still takes quite some skill to get them out this fast. So maybe he gave me just a minimum sedation (no top up needed) and that was the reason why I really felt pretty good afterwards.
The bill:
Surgical Removal of Tooth: $327.80 (twice) so $655.6
IV Sedation: $300.00
Total: $955.6
My share (20%): $191.12

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