Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swollen wrist!

I woke up last Sunday with a badly hurting wrist so I thought I slept in a real weird position and didn't move all night. But it got worse the next day! I couldn't move it at all and had to keep it in a certain way or else the weight of my hand would be enough to make it hurt again. After work I put 2 frozen veggies bags to reduce swelling.
Monday and Tuesday were bad but I noticed on Tuesday that it peaked. From there it gradually got better. But really just gradually. Every hour I felt a difference which was something I never experienced before! When I had a pain it usually disappeared over night. With my wrist it was a different story. Thursday the swelling went down and I was also able to use it at work. A week later I still felt it when I made a certain move.
It was not only the wrist but also the thumb I couldn't move. What it was? I suppose some sort of inflammation. When I pulled my fingers there was no pain.
I ate a whole lot of veggies for a couple of days which I never really did before so maybe all the Broccoli and stuff had something to do with it...

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