Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gas Price changed after shopping!

OK so I went to the Superstore here in Abbotsford to get some gas and groceries. Gas price was 103.9. "Fine", I thought knowing that the other gas stations here in Abby sell it for 99.9. But since I get 5 Cents per liter back in Superbucks I figured I stil lsave a cent per liter here. So I filled up nearly 50 liters and went into the store. When I came out, I peeked over to the Gas Bar (Superstore's gas station) and saw a gas price of 99.9! I walked over and checked the price at the pump: 99.9. Then I asked the clerk "Did you JUST drop the gas price 4 Cents?" "Yeah there's nothing I can do about it", he said.
We talk about 2 bucks so it's nothing to freak out about but it's just kinda funny.

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