Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gone Digital!

I called Shaw a few weeks ago after I figured out I would save at least $20 a month with an equivalent Telus bundle. So the guy said that Telus is not comparable to what they have. Telus TV uses Internet technology while Shaw's proven cable technology just works better. Well whatever I can't tell if it's true or not. He said he can't just price match Telus because of the quality difference. So I was pretty much ready to hang up when I once more started to complain about the price difference. Telus high speed Internet would cost me 20 bucks while Shaw costs $35! I told him that I don't udnerstand why there's suc ha gap between Shaw's Internet offers. I mean there's nothing between 256 kb/s and the next step which is 7.5 mb/s!
So after that he said what he COULD do is giving me an upgrade to Digital TV (free Digital Box rental) and a bundle price of $77 instead of the $96 for 6 months.
That's worth more than $200:
- The Digital Box would cost $118 if you buy it or $2.95 per month
- About $19 less for 6 months
I might give the ma call in 6 months again  :mrgreen:

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