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Thema: Re: Rain, rain, rain
Datum: 14.06.98 06:39:29 MEZ
Von: StaCJoy
An: ML100F

Hi! It was nice hearing from you again... i was wondering if something happened to you. It's been raining here and yesterday i went to an outdoor concert. the place had just been redone, it was opening night, and it ended up being completely flooded. I got in trouble for lighting up a cigarette, and then we almost got kicked out for lighting up a joint. what a place! So we went to the lawn, stood in the rain under an umbrella and smoked a joint. and guess what... some guys who were leaving felt bad for us and gave us two orchestra seats. REALLY good seats. Then it was great, even though we were really wet. But anyway, i must be boring you with my ridiculous story. Have you ever heard of the Moody Blues? How about the Grateful Dead? I have been getting stoned and listening to them all night. You must think I am a real junkie, farmboy! Haha.
write back soon or else....
stacey (yes you can call me stace, or even stay if you want)
Thema: Re: Hey you from NYC! What's going on?
Datum: 06.06.98 20:50:25 MEZ
Von: StaCJoy
An: ML100F

i am shocked and surprissed that you think there are no ducks in NY! in fact, one of my favorite pastimes in going to the park. smoking ajoint, and looking at the duckies in the pond. There is also a swan which is beautiful, but there used to be two of them and i am sad that the other died. It must be lonely, huh? There are also squirrels, possums, and rats. But that is the extent of our wildlife. I once raised ducklings because my sister;s boyfriend's little brother stole them from the pond. there were adorable! but i must go. my boyfriend is honking the horn for me.
Write back soon!!!
* Stacey :P

Thema: Re: Second part of my mail.
Datum: 16.06.98 05:12:34 MEZ
Von: StaCJoy
An: ML100F

Hi Mike... : )
Seriously, I have never read such interesting e-mails as yours. You're a funny guy. And yes, I have heard of Aerosmith, Madonna, and Ice-T, and I dont like that kind of music. I like classic rock - mellow stuff. If you smoked some pot you would understand! You'd probably even begin to like the Grateful Dead.
Do you really think you might come to New York? That would be so cool. I could show you Staten Island and stuff. The ferry ride from Manhattan to Staten Island is amazing at night, although we take it for granted over here.
Right now I am eating a roll and pickle. I have the munchies and there is nothing to eat in my house. You must have the best food on a farm, huh? Like, tons of meat, cheese, and eggs, milk, bread, everything! Now I am salivating.
Anyway, alas... I have no exciting stories to tell you except that today I locked my keys in the car and got really pissed off. Looking forward to hearing from you....

Thema: to the funny farmer who likes odd music and needs a serious joint
Datum: 20.06.98 06:12:48 MEZ
Von: StaCJoy
An: ML100F

hello... its friday night and i'm feeling alright. (haha... that ryhmed. i'm a poet and don't even know it!)
Anyway... your letter put a smile on my face as usual. Especially that you thought i never heard of a BMW. This is America, we have everything here.
My mind is a little >hazy< right now. But i have good news (for myself). That is, I got myself a full-time job in the city. It pays $12 an hour, which is a lot. Now, i will be working all the time (not so much time for puffing), but I will also be making a lot of money. I will be answering phones, opening doors, assisting the accounting dept in some office. My brother-in-law works there. I am >babbling<, arent I? I wonder if this is even vaguely interesting to you. But then again, I would love to hear all these little details about your life since it is so different from mine....
Hmm... what else is up? I am going to see the >Grateful Dead< (without Jerry Garcia, who's really dead) on the 29th. Should be cool.
So Mike,WHATS HAPPENIN? Tell me all about it. In that funny fragmented english of yours of course!!
P.S. Have you ever heard of >LSDP.P.S. Can you tell that i playing around with these graphics?
your friend,

Thema: Re: Ya foreigner, who is thinking so strange and writing so bad..
Datum: 27.06.98 05:41:33 MEZ
Von: StaCJoy
An: ML100F

Dearest Michael,
I must say you are making me feel like a drug addict. I was just curious if you knew what LSD was. It comes on a little piece of paper and you let it dissolve in your mouth. It's pretty good but I would not advise you to go out and get some! haha. . . I do not want to be responsible for corrupting an innocent responsible young man like yourself!
Now that I've said that. . . hmm. lets see, i've worked really hard this week... trying to get used to the office and not to fuck up the phones which have a million buttons on them and its really bad to keep hanging up on people. But i'm getting used to everyting. the 12 dollars is before taxes by the way. Unfortunately!! Damn the government. Heehee
Its cool that your so up on all that stock stuff.... i've never involved myself with it (so far). Well, i did do a little project in high school where we had to play the stock market (not for real) and to get an A we had to make a certain profit. That was cool. One day, i'll look into it... mutual funds and all that stuff too. But i dont really know what i am talking about right now.
Right now i am just really exhausted from work. its cool....a lot of the people at the office are French and i like listening to them talk. Plus i always thought french people were snobs but now i know it isnt true because theyre all very friendly.
well... i guess thats it... i'll hear from you soon
P.S. did you ever tell me what you LOOK like? And how old you are? I'm just curious, want to get a mental picture and all that. OH. I'm short (5'2) with long brown hair and brown eyes. And i'm 20.
peace....... :::)))

Thema: Re: I found it! I found the mail I thought I deleted!
Datum: 19.07.98 07:25:58 MEZ
Von: StaCJoy
An: ML100F

Hello... I just responded to your other letter. Sorry no colors but that takes time. Yes I have been observing the birdies through the slits in my deck, but the momma is never there to see me. She leaves when you step foot on the deck.
It's funny how you use the English spelling for words (rather than the American)
Like flavour... we spell it flavor. Also words like color and parlor, etc. Why am i telling you this? My mind is strange.
Wow it is late. Tomorrow is Sunday. I dont want to go back to work!!!!!! : (
I am joining in on the company cruise around New york city on monday... that should be fun. Free food and drink too.
Speak to you soon....
* Stacey

Thema: Re: II silver balls happy I see guiding me...
Datum: 19.08.98 03:38:31 MEZ
Von: StaCJoy
An: ML100F

I am at my friend's house right now. I just came back yesterday from a weekend Phish concert in Maine. It was a 15-hour drive and now i am exhausted.
Oh by the way, the Zeppelin song Puff Daddy covered is called "Kashmir." Where did "come with me" come from? Silly kid.
On Sunday i am going with my boyfriend and friend Dave to Vermont. It's called the Rainbow Gathering - a hippie commune group. Theres no money. Everybody shares food and you can trade stuff with people. It will be for about a week. I am so excited! The Green Mountains in Vermont are going to be breathtaking.
My mom is mad at me because I always miss bible study and because i forget everything - my mind is going and i think my mom is beginning to realize how burnt i am. She'sjust always mad at me. I WANT TO MOVE OUT!!!!
Anyway.... i'm glad i finally heard from you. Got worried maybe you were decapitated in a tractor accident or mauled by a mad cow.
HAHAH!! I kill me.
Have a great week Uncle Mikey. (congrats to your brother or sister)
See ya,

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