Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

  • Tae Bo'ed... no further comment... #

  • @Kaleil Google's YouTube loses $1.65 Mio./day
    Google can afford that (they will make money sooner or later).Others can't in reply to Kaleil #

  • Researgling - how does that sound for "researching/googling" #

  • Nah I'm not registering that domain... doesn't make sense really. Since googling is already a form of researching anyway #

  • So I do some research using Google now. On what? How far farming software is today. Cloud computing is in the pipeline! Perfect for farmers! #

  • OK - offers a service to synchronize data. That's the first step or one feature of the cloud computing package #

  • Gave up FarmVille and Cafe World on my Facebook after 3 days. Feeling like the Tamagochi madness is back! #

  • Fendt is just the nicest one of all of them! Vario transmission is a big hit #

  • @Kaleil It's very hard to make money with stocks. A couple of good funds (incl. Buffet's BRK-A(B)) is the most likely way to make a gain. in reply to Kaleil #

  • Don't let schooling interfere with your education. (Mark Twain) #

  • After the switch to digital TV my Tivo is up and running again (had to get an IR control cable). 10 days without Tivo! #

  • GOOG had another great quarter! They're set to make use of their 22 billion war chest! Google just has to stitch all their stuff together... #

  • Google's 3rd quarter results and what they're up to: #

  • @Kaleil I have more faith in GOOG in reply to Kaleil #

  • Listening to... #

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