Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Google: THE longterm investment

My answer to "Do not invest long term in Google.
Only play it day to day.
Long term and even short term, Google will lose large percentages of its market share as a search engine.
Can you guess who will take it?
Nope, not yahoo.

Bing. Bing will take 10%, then 20%, and eventually 50% of the current market share Google has. Google market already has dropped from 80% down to 67%.
I think exactly the opposite right now. Google IS a long term investment.
Google is about to start a revolution and it's the best positioned company to succeed!
The first big one is Google Wave. Then Chrome OS and the Cloud. Google is getting all of it's services under one hood and that will be a huge thing! They did a fantastic job first offering services like GMail, Maps, Picasa and so on and did a great job, thus winning a lot of users. Now they want to offer the whole package. Microsoft failed keeping up with Google coming from the other end (they started with the OS and trying hard to get into the web service business). Google first got users providing superior service and offers them now to get a free OS for both smart phones AND computers!
And why Google WILL succeed is because they will make a huge difference. I'm telling you the time right now is extremely exciting! There's a big change coming. We approach the cloud era very fast and Google is the one way ahead! It got all the ingredients to offer any service you can imagine! When you leave your computer at home (running the Chrome OS) you can seamlessly continue what you just did on your Android powered phone (Droid)!
Just look at what Google got and just throw everything in one box and whatever comes to your mind WILL be a part of what Google is working on right now!
Google Wave
Google Voice
Chrome OS
Google Docs
I wondered for a while why Google didn't focus more on making Orkut a real competitor to Facebook. I think the answer is Google Wave.
Google needs to use all its power now to get the right software out to the users. If the users fall in love with the Chrome OS and the Cloud computing as they did with other Google services then there's no doubt Google can charge a license fee for it's software. And Microsoft will be in big trouble!
We haven't see the real power of the internet yet. Its very very exciting how everything's coming together now!
Bing will never get more than 30% (combined with Yahoo) market share. Google won't drop below 60%. And more importantly: Google will stay the king when it comes to advertising revenue! Because of all the stuff I mentioned above!

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