Wednesday, December 30, 2009 instead of Mozy

I forgot to update my credit card information so I received an email from Mozy that the payment failed. First thing I did was updating the information. But then I also got an email from icloud which I checked out and signed up for a few weeks ago. They offer 100GB for $39.99. So I googled what else is out there and found They use's S3 Web Service so the data should be save (at least as long as they can pay the amazon bill!). I'm waiting for the Google Cloud service (starting with the Chrome OS?) so unless Google acquires I will have to "move" again in a few months.
What I never really liked about Mozy was that they don't let you choose how you want it to synchronize your data and how it slowed down my computer. Especially with 3 User profiles and it ran on all 3 of them!'s Sync software gives you the option to choose what direction you want to synchronize.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Upgraded TomTom

So I upgraded my TomTom One 3rd Edition with a new(er) Navcore (8.412.1236) and new(er) North America map (825.2159). Took a while because after trying a wrong Navcore I started from scratch: Formated (FAT32) TomTom, uploaded Navcore and uploaded the map. Then it all worked! I hope so anyway... or maybe this is the last post! LOST FOR GOOD! 8-O

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tivo hard drive installed!

Wow now that was a huge surprise and a biiig relief! I got my new hard drive today. I was afraid that I couldn't get it to work (Tivo works with Linux so you can mess it up easily!) but it was no problem at all with WinMFS (9.3 Beta) and my external USB box! My PC doesn't have an IDE slot but my old USB box does so I tried it and it worked like a charm! All I needed was a Torx (Tork) 10 and 15 screwdriver and in about 10 minutes it was all done!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tivo hard drive upgrade

Bought a Western Digital Caviar Blue WD1600AAJB 160GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA100 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive hard drive for my Tivo. $67.19 (free shipping and tax included) on

Western Digital return policy (I'm worried that I need this information soon):

Warranty Services
Packaging and Shipping Instructions

Returning your In-Warranty Western Digital hard drive for Warranty replacement:
A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number is required for every return shipment to WD. The applied Return Material Authorization number on the shipment must match the correct amount of units, model type and serial numbers.

Use Western Digital approved packaging.
Write your Return Material Authorization number on the outside of the box in bold letters.
Use a traceable carrier that can provide a proof of delivery. (Keep these for your records.)
Return Material Authorization numbers are valid for 30 days, from the date they are, issued.
Remove and keep third party cases1, cables, brackets2, manuals, and diskettes. We cannot return these items to you.
1 A third party case/enclosure, is a non Western Digital external drive enclosure
2 Double-check and remove any mounting dongles/adapters attached to laptop drives (2.5 Scorpio drives).
WARNING: WD maintains serial number tracking. Any drive discovered to be stolen will not have the warranty honored, will not be returned to user and no credit or replacement will be processed or issued.

A. Product was damaged during transport as a result of bad packaging
B. Product damaged, modified, scratched, or opened
C. Product has one or more WD labels removed or torn
D. Product was shipped without proper ESD protection (except external drives)
RMA Status: Once you have shipped us your drive, and for more information about your RMA you may check your RMA status online. You can also contact the Western Digital RMA Department or visit us online.
Packaging and Shipping Instructions.
Western Digital shall have no liability with respect to (a) data lost, regardless of the cause, (b) data recovery services, or (c) data contained in any Product placed in Western Digitals' possession. Western Digital is not liable for and has no obligation to pay for any cost associated with data recovery.

Please read the following shipping instructions carefully.
Product that arrives damaged in shipment, without an RMA number or without appropriate warranty information, will be, returned to the sender non-repaired. Products, damaged through neglect due to improper packaging or in shipment, will have the warranty voided and will be processed and returned to you non-repaired. Note: An example of improper packaging would be sending a product back in an envelope. Click here for additional examples of products Improperly packaged.

Only products and quantities authorized through the Return Material Authorization process will be accepted.
If your RMA packing list is in error, ie. Wrong product description, wrong model number, wrong capacity please contact Western Digital Customer Support prior to shipment. Please call 1-800-ASK 4 WDC (275-4932).

Home Entertainment: WD TV Dock:
Product Returns must include specific items, for warranty replacement. Click here for details of the items that must be returned.

External Western Digital Enclosures:
Do not remove the drive from the external enclosure. Return the drive in its original enclosure/plastic housing (without having been opened or dismantled, along with the power adapter). Please keep all software, manuals and interface cables. WARNING: Removing the hard drive from, a Western Digital single unit external enclosure, will void the warranty.

Internal Hard drives:
Remove and retain all add-on items (i.e., cables, software, adapters, dongles brackets, installation guides and/or rails) prior to shipment. We are not responsible for these items and cannot return them. We will only return the Western Digital items specified on the RMA. WARNING: Do Not remove the Ice Pack /Sled/Heat Sink attached to the VelociRaptor hard drive(s). If the drive is removed from the Ice Pack the warranty on the drive will be voided. (Only VelociRaptor blade models WD1500BLFS and WD3000BLFS are exempt.)

Not following these Packaging Shipping procedures to return Western Digital products may void your warranty. Click here to review the WD official warranty policy.

All products require stable and sufficient packing material, needed to protect the product from ESD (Electro Static Discharge) influences and possible damage during transport.
Required Packaging Steps:

A. Place drive in ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Bag (For internal drives only. Not using an ESD Bag will void the warranty on the drive.)
B. Wrap with 2 inches of bubble wrap or non-movable foam cushioning
C. Place in sturdy cardboard box. Do not use chipboard, as it is not strong enough to withstand the rigors of transit. Please make sure the corrugated carton is free from defects and is structurally sound. Note: Returning a WD hard drive in an envelope, will void the warranty.
D. Please print out the RMA Label and affix on the box. Write the Return Material Authorization number on outside packaging, on three sides in bold print.
E. When shipping multiple items, each item must be, packed as above, hard drive must not directly touch each other and cannot move inside the packaging. All products MUST be, packed in individual anti-static bags and in a sturdy cardboard box. Please utilize Western Digital original packaging when available. DO NOT USE peanuts or packing material that can shift or settle during transit. Warning: Returning a WD hard drive in an envelope, will void the warranty.

Send your product to the address located in your RMA Premailer.
Retain a record of your RMA number and all tracking/shipping numbers for your records. This will allow Western Digital to better serve you with possible inquiries.

Your Return Material Authorization number must be visible on 3 sides of the box. Any package sent in without an RMA number will be returned to you non-repaired. If you have multiple RMA numbers, send them in separate boxes (If you are sending multiple Return Material Authorization in a single Over Pack container, each Return Material Authorization number within the over pack carton, must be, individually, boxed with the specific Return Material Authorization number associated with that device, written on three sides of the box in bold print. Failing to follow these specific Over Pack instructions may possibly void the warranty and result in the product being returned to you "as is".)

Use a traceable carrier.
Use a traceable carrier for transport or a signed for service (i.e., Airborne, Fed Ex, UPS, U.S. Priority Mail, etc.) with the post office (European/Canadian customers only) as they provide you with a tracking number and proof of delivery. The cost of sending a drive to the returns service center for warranty service (also known as the return shipping cost), is paid by the customer. Western Digital pays for the return shipment (except for some Latin American countries). Western Digital will refuse any collect payment shipment. If upon arrival your products are out of warranty the shipment will be returned to you at YOUR COST and may be scrapped without further notice.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Audi 90 IMSA & 200 TransAm

Audi,Imsa,TransAm,S1,Donauring,quattro - MyVideo

Did I predict the Chrome OS?

This is a part of a story I wrote back in 2002 when I took part in a contest writing about "Agriculture in 2030". I wrote it in German and got Google to translate it quickly. I know it's a little bit messed up but maybe you get what I was writing about:

"Besides existing operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac), the "Weach browser" prevailed as a "sub-OS". Found first installed in a tractor in 2002 it has been embraced by many "computer-controlled machine" manufacturers by 2004! What's special about this sub-OS is that it takes advantage of a medium widely underestimated by the software industry: The human brain! The user has to visualizes the interface of the browser in his head to make the sub-OS work! This may seem impossible - but it is not because the personally created main menu of "Weach" never changes. So what does Weach looks like now? Well, first you have a normal window - the main menu, or (as known from Windows "desktop") on the screen. Later, you will see this window more and more just in your head. Here we have different columns. For example, column 1 (for addresses telephone numbers, e-mail) addresses, or entire business cards, column 2 for Internet addresses (links), column 3 for Music, column 4 for the tractor and so on. Then you determine exactly what you want to do. So, for example, in column 4 (the tractor) Number 2 is the hydraulic pressure, number 5 is the flow rate, number 6 is the maximum speed, number 1 is the speed ... "B" will always return to the main menu. An example command. You say (Oh yes - the system obviously works with speech recognition): B - 4 - 5 to pre-select what you want to do. In this case it's the oil flow. Then you just grab the "main knob" to adjust the control valve. On the display you can, of course, also follow every single step. It's faster though, when it's all just imagined. And as I said - this is no problem! Because it does not matter on which machine or device you're on.You always have the same menu! You're using the same command for making a call no matter if you're in a shopping mall using your cell, the built in cell on the tractor or your computer at home. It's always B - 1 - 3 (for example)! Weach is virtually always with you! You only need to download the configuration settings from the "Weach server" to the particular device - that's it!"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fissler Lids (no more ThermoStar!)!

Wow now that's what I call customer service!
A few weeks ago I've sent another email to Fissler complaining about the Intensa ThermoStar problems. ThermoStar is a little button in the pot lid that shows when the temperature in the pot is high enough to turn down the stove and save energy. Good idea but these plastic pieces just wont last and then you have a hole in the lid.
So Fissler replied (as usual - I can't say anything about their really good customer service!) and they offered sending me new lids to Canada. For free!
Today I picked up the package from the post aoffice in Shoppers Drugmart here in Abbotsford. I had to pay $11.12 (customs I guess). Very pleased especially because they sent an extra lid for the sauce pan which was not included in the original set. Plus we got a peeler!

Thank you Fissler!

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