Friday, December 4, 2009

Did I predict the Chrome OS?

This is a part of a story I wrote back in 2002 when I took part in a contest writing about "Agriculture in 2030". I wrote it in German and got Google to translate it quickly. I know it's a little bit messed up but maybe you get what I was writing about:

"Besides existing operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac), the "Weach browser" prevailed as a "sub-OS". Found first installed in a tractor in 2002 it has been embraced by many "computer-controlled machine" manufacturers by 2004! What's special about this sub-OS is that it takes advantage of a medium widely underestimated by the software industry: The human brain! The user has to visualizes the interface of the browser in his head to make the sub-OS work! This may seem impossible - but it is not because the personally created main menu of "Weach" never changes. So what does Weach looks like now? Well, first you have a normal window - the main menu, or (as known from Windows "desktop") on the screen. Later, you will see this window more and more just in your head. Here we have different columns. For example, column 1 (for addresses telephone numbers, e-mail) addresses, or entire business cards, column 2 for Internet addresses (links), column 3 for Music, column 4 for the tractor and so on. Then you determine exactly what you want to do. So, for example, in column 4 (the tractor) Number 2 is the hydraulic pressure, number 5 is the flow rate, number 6 is the maximum speed, number 1 is the speed ... "B" will always return to the main menu. An example command. You say (Oh yes - the system obviously works with speech recognition): B - 4 - 5 to pre-select what you want to do. In this case it's the oil flow. Then you just grab the "main knob" to adjust the control valve. On the display you can, of course, also follow every single step. It's faster though, when it's all just imagined. And as I said - this is no problem! Because it does not matter on which machine or device you're on.You always have the same menu! You're using the same command for making a call no matter if you're in a shopping mall using your cell, the built in cell on the tractor or your computer at home. It's always B - 1 - 3 (for example)! Weach is virtually always with you! You only need to download the configuration settings from the "Weach server" to the particular device - that's it!"

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