Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fissler Lids (no more ThermoStar!)!

Wow now that's what I call customer service!
A few weeks ago I've sent another email to Fissler complaining about the Intensa ThermoStar problems. ThermoStar is a little button in the pot lid that shows when the temperature in the pot is high enough to turn down the stove and save energy. Good idea but these plastic pieces just wont last and then you have a hole in the lid.
So Fissler replied (as usual - I can't say anything about their really good customer service!) and they offered sending me new lids to Canada. For free!
Today I picked up the package from the post aoffice in Shoppers Drugmart here in Abbotsford. I had to pay $11.12 (customs I guess). Very pleased especially because they sent an extra lid for the sauce pan which was not included in the original set. Plus we got a peeler!

Thank you Fissler!

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