Wednesday, December 30, 2009 instead of Mozy

I forgot to update my credit card information so I received an email from Mozy that the payment failed. First thing I did was updating the information. But then I also got an email from icloud which I checked out and signed up for a few weeks ago. They offer 100GB for $39.99. So I googled what else is out there and found They use's S3 Web Service so the data should be save (at least as long as they can pay the amazon bill!). I'm waiting for the Google Cloud service (starting with the Chrome OS?) so unless Google acquires I will have to "move" again in a few months.
What I never really liked about Mozy was that they don't let you choose how you want it to synchronize your data and how it slowed down my computer. Especially with 3 User profiles and it ran on all 3 of them!'s Sync software gives you the option to choose what direction you want to synchronize.

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