Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Jacket

$149.99 50% off.
Paid $83.99 at:
Grandview Corners
16031-24th Avenue
South Surrey (BC)
V3S 9H7

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Network Windows 7 and Windows XP

So my XP PC could see the Windows 7 PC but couldn't access the files. So I had to right click the folders I wanted to share on my Windows 7 PC, select "Share with", click "Nobody" then "Change sharing permissions" then from the drop down menu select "Everyone" and then "Add". You can also change permissions from only "Read" to "Read/Write" if you, for instance, synchronize folders.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dell Technical "Support"

Thanks for choosing chat for your technical support needs. A chat agent will be with you shortly. Just so you know, you can also visit our website at to get technical help.

10:47:56 Thanks so much for your patience. Chat agents are eager to help you with your troubleshooting needs, so stay on line and the next available representative will assist you.

10:51:26 You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat

10:51:26 Connected with Anshuman _166756

10:51:36 Anshuman _166756: Welcome to Dell's Technical Support Chat! My name is Anshuman. I apologize that you had to wait to reach us since we are experiencing high chat volumes today. However, not delaying it further, please let me know how I may help you?

10:51:59 Michael Lutz: I have a problem with the "Audio Device On High Definition Audio Bus"

10:52:15 Michael Lutz: I did a clean install of XP and it keeps trying to install a driver for this

10:52:21 Michael Lutz: the sound works

10:52:43 Michael Lutz: Dimension 9150

10:53:05 Michael Lutz: Service Tag H39YC2J

10:54:06 Anshuman _166756: Thank you for the information. Please give me 2 to 3 minutes to pull up your account information.

10:57:01 Anshuman _166756: Michael, could you please let me know which country was this computer purchased from?

10:57:11 Michael Lutz: Ireland

10:58:21 Anshuman _166756: You have incorrectly reached the technical support for US systems, please contact the technical support for Ireland at 1850 543543 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday

10:58:36 Anshuman _166756: Thank you for choosing Dell. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

10:58:36 Anshuman _166756 has left this session!

10:58:36 The session has ended!


Comment on "Is Honey Healthy?"


"Natural isn't necessarily synonymous with healthy. If this were true, smoking would be healthy since tobacco is derived from a plant"
You don't SMOKE honey do you? Who says Tobacco has no health benefits in it's original form? Honey may not be a good substitute for sugar (I wouldn't put honey in my coffee anyway) but saying that honey is basically the same as table sugar is wrong. Why? Because there's more than plain numbers to justify the natural benefits of honey. Many doctors and scientists tend to belittle natural remedies because the numbers are just not there to convince them. Honey is as complex as an apple or water. Yes water! Water seems like "nothing" but tests have proven that it can do miraculous things if you know how to treat it!
I think doctors and scientists should be very careful when they recommend medication or talk about natural remedies and results of studies. Because most people (not me) believe simply everything they say! I'm not saying that doctors lie but in some cases some doctors just don't recognize any other healing method than medication. And studies are mostly ridiculous because they either find out what your stomach tells you in the first place (if you have a bit of common sense) or they're just wrong because half of the facts have not been accounted for. That's why scientists keep changing their mind after years. They come up with a bullet proof fact (like honey = sugar) and in a couple of years they say the exact opposite! That's why it is even dangerous to say this and that is the fact. You have to say at least "I think" this and that MAY be the medical fact! Remember: People still believe every word doctors say!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Candy Store (Children clapping game)

Uno, dos, siesta
I said a-east, a-west
I met my boyfriend at the candy store
He bought me ice cream, he bought me cake
He brought me home with a belly ache
Mama mama, I'm so sick
Call the doctor quick quick quick
Doctor, doctor will I die?
Count to five and you'll be alright
I said, a-one, a-two, a-three, a-four, a-five
I'm alive!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Habe guten alten Zauberstab gekauft!

Billig war das Set nicht gerade ($290!) aber ich weiss ja wie gut er ist. Habe natürlich erst wiedermal Klump für $20 gekauft welches nach 3-maligem benutzen schrottreif war. Kann man denn in Nordamerika gar keine Qualität kaufen? Alles scheint nur produziert zu werden um es nach max. einem Jahr wieder raus zu werfen!
Hier der Zauberstab den ich beim Shopping CHannel gekauft hab':

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Bamix Swissline Hand Blender is a high quality, precision product that has been marketed in Europe for over 45 years. This universal hand blender is an essential for every kitchen. When you add in the accessories, such as the mincer, beater, and whisk blades you really get a nice little package to meet most all of your kitchen blending needs. The comfortable handle makes it easy to move around and fits great in your hand.

Mincer Blade: minces, shreds, chops and mashes
Whisk Blade: for mixing & blending everything from cocktails to mayonnaise
Beater Blade: for things light such as whipped cream, sauces, egg whites
Wet/Dry Mill (Grinder/Choper): grinds nuts, almonds, sugar, chocolate, poppy- seeds, peas, beans, lentils, sices and even coffee
Polycarbonate beaker with lid: 0.6 litre with measuring scale, shock and heat resistant, suitable for micro-wave
Polycarbonate all-purpose beaker with lid: 0.4 litre, ideal for small amounts
• Plastic upright stand holds blender at front with cord holder and cavity for blade storage at the back
• Motor 115V AC/50-60 cycles
• Power input = 150W, RPM = 10,000/15,000 rev/min
• Material and housing: all material parts are rust-proof, tasteless and resistant to corrosive foodstuffs
• 1 year warranty

• Bamix Swissline Hand Blender
• Bamix Swissline Stand
• Mincer, Beater, And Whisk Blades
• 600ml Jug
• Wet/Dry Mill
• Cookbook
• CD Rom
• Bonus: Meat Blade
• Bonus: 400ml Mayo Beaker

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bought Hoover SteamVac at Home Depot

Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub
Model: F5914950 | Internet/Cat #: 912632 | Store SKU #: 1000537491
The Hoover SteamVac cleaner is designed to deep clean carpets in your home. Heated cleaning with patented SpinScrub technology combine to provide superb carpet cleaning performance. Recommended Detergent: Spot & Stain Cleaner 32 Oz (Pre-Treater - Hoover Model: 40322132 / HD Sku: 1000-538551) ; Hoover SteamVac Deep Cleansing 48 Oz - (Hoover Model: 40321148 / HD Sku: 1000-538517) ; Hoover SteamVac Ultra 128 Oz - (Hoover Model: 40321152 / HD Sku: 1000-538510)
11" removable rotating brushes w/ SpinScrub Technology
Heated cleaning
Clean Surge technology
On-board tools & SpinScrub powered hand tool
8' stretch hose, cord length: 24', 12 amp motor
Starter kit of cleaning detergents included

Assembled Depth (In Inches) 20 In.
Assembled Height (In Inches) 44
Assembled Weight (In LBS) 22.6 Lbs.
Assembled Width (In Inches) 11.25
Country of Origin United States
CSA Certified Yes
Item Depth 14.19 In.
Item Height 29.88 In.
Item Weight 29.1 Lbs.
Item Width 19.5 In.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Blind faith" (about conspiracy theories regarding the 911 attacks)

The only reason I'm getting aggravated about people with practically zero common sense is that I hate seeing the world become "stupid" and robotic. People follow everybody who comes up with some horrible conspiracy theory. This includes almost every religion and sect! It's about creating fear and "knowing" all answers... BS!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Landed" (got my permanent residence) in Canada

So today we got our passports back from Seattle. Picked 'em um at the Letterlock in Abbotsford and drove straight to the border (Sumas crossing) to leave and re-enter Canada.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My new (old) car!

Bought 2003 Toyota Corolla LE (107000 km) at Got it for $6435 minus the $500 I got for my old 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier. So I paid $5935. It has been fixed for $8000 after an accident. Let's see how far this one takes me!
From My Toyota Corolla

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The one-week-fix of the BP mess

Okay it's getting annoying now so for the first time I thought about a solution myself. Since there's no textbook solution, it seems that you need some fantasy to fix this mess FAST!
So what I don't know is: What does it look like down there? Is it a pipe sticking out of the ground? How much of it sticks out?
What seemed most reasonable to me was heavy equipment down there. So I imagined dropping a tank (heavy, solid and reliable) first. No, not just dropping it hoping it would land on the leaking pipe, of course! You can just place it somewhere close to the site. Then I thought maybe an excavator would be better since it's also heavy and already has hydraulic pumps and stuff on board to power attachments needed at the site. And finally I came up with this idea: A one week plan to design and build a whole new machine specifically for this job! Not doable? I would say that although it seems hard it is possible with the right people involved. The design doesn't have to be pretty or sophisticated. Weight doesn't matter nor its looks. So designing would only take one day. Yes, including blueprints ready to be sent out to the shops. The parts have to be done in 5 days and the assembly in the final day. Tough job but as I said, with the right people you can do this! I'm a machinist and I see funny things sometimes. So the design has to be done by people who also know how to machine parts. Reasonable tolerances and machinable design. It can save DAYS not just a few hours in machining time if the design is right.
Keep it as simple as possible. All you need is a big frame with 4 wheels on it. Maybe an independent suspension or maybe no wheels at all are necessary. I don't know what it looks like down there. Perhaps you can just place that frame next to the leaking pipe. A battery powered electric motor powering the hydraulic system for basically every function of the vehicle.
Don't you think that with a massive machinery at the site down there it would be easy to work on this pipe? You'll have a steady piece of equipment to cut the pipe and mount whatever you want to stop the oil flow!

Sunday, June 13, 2010



  • Altes Weißbrot od. Semmel klei nschneiden und mit heißer Milch überbrühen.
  • Ziehen lassen.
  • Dann 2-3 Eier, Salz, Pfeffer, Petersilie und Muskatnuß dazugeben.
  • Alles gut miteinander verkneten.
  • Dann im kochenden Salzwasser 20-30 Minuten ziehen lassen.

  • Cut up old white bread or rolls and soak them in hot milk
  • Let it steep
  • Add 2-3 eggs, salt, pepper, parsley and nutmeg
  • Mix everything together and knead it
  • Boil them in salt water 20-30 minutes

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to program Telus (Cisco AT6400) remote

It says it all in the booklet but I couldn't find it and was totally screwed when the remote suddenly stopped working with the TV.
I have an Insignia HDTV and although there's a code for it (1437) in the User Guide, it didn't work! I then found the auto-search feature and it worked!
This search code works for the TV and the DVD mode.
So for the TV you first turn on the TV, then press and hold the TV mode key. While holding the TV mode key also press and hold the OK key. Release both keys and all the mode keys blink twice. Enter 922 by pressing the numeric keys on the remote. The TV mode key blinks twice to indicate a successful entry. Point the remote toward the TV and press play. I had to hold it to make it work. Once the TV turns off press Enter (at the bottom right). So this worked for me. Now I wanted to control the Power button for both the set-top-box (receiver/PVR) and the TV at once. To do this you have to press the STB mode key on the remote. Without releasing the STB mode key, press and hold the OK key. Release both keys and all mode keys blink twice. Enter the programming code 977. The STB mode key blinks twice. For the deconf device, press the applicable mode key (TV, DVD or AUX). The selected mode key blinks twice. You can select all three (TV, DVD or AUX) devices. Press Enter top complete the power switch control programming. The last selected mode key blinks three timesto indicate a successfull entry.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Black & Decker Rotisserie Oven

Bought Black & Decker CTO7100B Digital Rotisserie Convection Oven
On sale at Canadian Tire for $99.99 (incl. Tax: $111.99).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Formula for roughing radius with grooving tool

Funny thing happened yesterday at work. The thread relief had a big radius (twice the width of the grooving tool) and the programmer didn't rough the radius at all. So I accidentally calculated the required X-Values for a Z-movement into the radius correctly!
So the radius was [B]R.1106[/B] and it [B]started at X.5336 and Z-.8734[/B] and [B]ended at X.7548 and Z-.984[/B].
So with my [B].063[/B] grooving insert I wanted to rough it in 2 steps. I added .055 in to the starting point in Z (.8734 + .055): [B]Z-.9284[/B]
The X value I calculated like this:
I took the root of Square R (.1106) - Square Z value (.055) and subtracted that from R. Multiplied that by 2 and added it to the start point in X (.5336)

I accidentally mixed up the Pythagorean theorem!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Google Plus


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nokia or Samsung?

I wonder if I should get the oldish Nokia E62 or the newer Samsung A766.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Windows 7 seller

Kevin Fong (1991)
Verizon Internet Services
IP address:
Irving, Texas, United States

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Windows 7

Bought Window 7 Home Premium Key (Retail (ebay #160398208195)) for US $32.95. I got a link for the ISO file and the key. Had to download it twice because the DVD gave me an error message (CD/DVD driver missing). I downloaded it again and it worked like a charm!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fendt 611 Verkauf

From Von daheim 2007

From Von daheim 2007

From Von daheim 2007


Josef Wärl Landmaschinen
Hohlweg 10 a
DE-85298 Scheyern
Telefon: 08441 1415
Fax: 08441 8856


Alle 19 Inserate des Anbieter anzeigen.

QF-Nr: 757213
Fendt 611 LSA

Typ Gebrauchtmaschine
Anbieter Händler
Int.-Nr. -
Hersteller Fendt
Maschinenart Traktor
Modell 611 LSA
PS (kW) 115 PS (85 kW)
Baujahr 1986
Bh / ha 7100
Standort DE-85298 Scheyern
Preis Keine Angabe

Antrieb Allrad
Ackerschiene ✔
Anhängevorrichtung automatisch
Arbeitsscheinwerfer ✔
Druckluftbremse ✔
Geschwindigkeit 40 km/h
Plattform Kabine
Reifen-h 520/85R38
Reifen-h % 90
Reifen-v 540/65R28
Reifen-v % 90
Steuergerät dw 1
Steuergerät ew 1
Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Spart man in der F1 am falschen Ende?

Habe gerade den Artikel über KTM's KERS system gelesen:
In dem Artikel geht es darum ob es legal ist oder nicht. Was ich einfach nicht verstehen kann, ist, warum innovatives Denken nicht begrüsst oder gar gefördert wird!
Natürlich ist es nicht ganz so einfach. Man kann nicht alles erlauben. Aber es ist auch nicht ganz so schwierig Grenzen zu ziehen!
Bevor die Teams massiv in Technologien wie Windkanäle investiert haben um die Aerodynamik zu perfektionieren hätte man reagieren müssen. Denn man hat damals begonnen die Mechanik einzuschränken und nicht die Aerodynamik. Der Schritt KERS einzuführen und die Aerodynamik einzuschränken war eine gute Idee und ich hoffe man wird KERS 2011 wieder sehen! Die Flügel schauen natürlich schlimm aus und daran wird man sich auch nicht gewöhnen. Die FIA wird das wie schon so oft (Rillenreifen, Tankstops...) früher oder später wieder revidieren und dann haben wir wieder ein "normales Flügelwerk".
Die F1 sollte Hersteller wegen des technischen Reizes anlocken und nicht nur als Litfaßsäule dienen. Nach der Motoreinfrierung und dem KERS Verbot hat man ja keinerlei Freiheiten mehr. Es wäre besser wenn man die Aerodynamik weitestgehend vereinheitlichen würde und dafür Motorenß und Getriebetechnisch wieder mehr erlauben würde. Vor 20 Jahren hatte Williams bereits ein stufenloses Getriebe getestet! Nur um dann zu erfahren, dass es kurzerhand verboten wurde! Warum? Die F1 hätte die Entwicklung von stufenlosen Getrieben drastisch beschleunigen können! Genauso wie die F1 perfekt wäre um KERS (hybrid) zu verbessern! Beide Technologien werden in normalen Autos eingesetzt und die Hersteller würden direkt davon profitieren!

Der Grund warum viele F1 Innovationen von den Privatteams kamen war ihre Leidenschaft. Die grossen Hersteller denken sie brauchen bloss einfach ein paar Hundert ihrer hochbezahlten Ingenieure auf die F1 loslassen um dann alles zu gewinnen. Das ist Arroganz und hat nicht funktioniert. Toyota ist wohl das beste Beispiel. Und Auch Mercedes! Man darf nicht vergessen dass Mercedes NICHT imstande war einen F1 Motor selbst zu bauen! Es sind die Genies wie Mario Illien und Adrian Newey die den Unterschied machen. Es hilft nichts 100 Ingenieure zu haben wenn keiner dabei ist der das gewisse etwas hat!
Ich glaube, dass vor allem im Getriebe- und KERSbereich viel auch für die Serie gelernt werden kann. Deshalb war es für mich absolut nicht nachvollziehbar wie man stufenlose Getriebe verbieten konnte! Die F1 Teams würden alles daran setzen ein stufenloses Getriebe zu entwickeln (wie gesagt, Williams testete bereits eins). Noch interessanter als lediglich ein stufenloses Getriebe wäre die Kombination aus KERS und dem stufenlosen Getriebe! Ein leistungsverzweigtes Getriebe wäre dafür prädestiniert.
Motoren einzufrieren ist Schwachsinn. Turbomotoren die 4 Rennen halten müssen mit Ladedruck- , Drehzahllimit und vom mir aus vorgeschriebenen Materialien. Man braucht wieder mehr Freiheiten und somit auch Vielfalt in der F1.

Tricone Bit