Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Formula for roughing radius with grooving tool

Funny thing happened yesterday at work. The thread relief had a big radius (twice the width of the grooving tool) and the programmer didn't rough the radius at all. So I accidentally calculated the required X-Values for a Z-movement into the radius correctly!
So the radius was [B]R.1106[/B] and it [B]started at X.5336 and Z-.8734[/B] and [B]ended at X.7548 and Z-.984[/B].
So with my [B].063[/B] grooving insert I wanted to rough it in 2 steps. I added .055 in to the starting point in Z (.8734 + .055): [B]Z-.9284[/B]
The X value I calculated like this:
I took the root of Square R (.1106) - Square Z value (.055) and subtracted that from R. Multiplied that by 2 and added it to the start point in X (.5336)

I accidentally mixed up the Pythagorean theorem!

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