Saturday, November 20, 2010

Comment on "Is Honey Healthy?"


"Natural isn't necessarily synonymous with healthy. If this were true, smoking would be healthy since tobacco is derived from a plant"
You don't SMOKE honey do you? Who says Tobacco has no health benefits in it's original form? Honey may not be a good substitute for sugar (I wouldn't put honey in my coffee anyway) but saying that honey is basically the same as table sugar is wrong. Why? Because there's more than plain numbers to justify the natural benefits of honey. Many doctors and scientists tend to belittle natural remedies because the numbers are just not there to convince them. Honey is as complex as an apple or water. Yes water! Water seems like "nothing" but tests have proven that it can do miraculous things if you know how to treat it!
I think doctors and scientists should be very careful when they recommend medication or talk about natural remedies and results of studies. Because most people (not me) believe simply everything they say! I'm not saying that doctors lie but in some cases some doctors just don't recognize any other healing method than medication. And studies are mostly ridiculous because they either find out what your stomach tells you in the first place (if you have a bit of common sense) or they're just wrong because half of the facts have not been accounted for. That's why scientists keep changing their mind after years. They come up with a bullet proof fact (like honey = sugar) and in a couple of years they say the exact opposite! That's why it is even dangerous to say this and that is the fact. You have to say at least "I think" this and that MAY be the medical fact! Remember: People still believe every word doctors say!

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